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Destiny 2: How to complete the Dual Destiny exotic mission

Come get your exotic class item

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Destiny 2 The Final Shape is filled with incredible secrets, including the Dual Destiny exotic mission. Completing this secret mission will give players their first exotic class item as well as the ability to farm for these pieces of gear more easily in the future.

Unlocking the mission is in itself a challenge, so if you haven't done so we recommend you check out our dedicated guide on how to find the Dual Destiny exotic mission.

If you've already done it, then let's break down exactly what you need to do to complete the mission. Before we begin, you may want to get your gear in order and acquire some God Rolls, so better check out our guides for the No Hesitation auto rifle and The Call sidearm.

Dual Destiny exotic mission walkthrough

Right out of the gate, the first thing you have to know is that this mission needs two players to complete the first time to obtain the exotic class item. If you're a solo player, better use an LFG system to get someone to help you out.

Another important reminder is that the Power Level requirements are quite steep for this mission, requiring at least 1995PL. You can still do it if under-leveled but it will be significantly tougher.

Just a reminder that even if you or any of your team members have a Power Level below the recommended level, having someone near or above 1995 will help boost the overall Power Level for the activity, making it easier to manage. Finally, one fireteam member must have a Light subclass (Void, Solar, Arc) and the other a Darkness one (Strand and Stasis). Prismatic counts as either so you can both run with this with no issues.

Light and Dark plates encounter

The first mechanic will revolve around Dark and Light plates. They will be assigned depending on your subclass, or alternatively, randomly assigned if you're both running Prismatic.

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To progress, the Light-aligned player will have to look for its corresponding plate and stand on top of it. The same goes for the Dark-aligned one, you'll know who is who as the screen will tell you exactly which plate you should be on the lookout for.

Do this multiple times to conclude this situation. It's quite simple and shouldn't be a problem even without communication.

Symbols encounter

The second mechanic involves a bit of raid-like mechanics, with both players calling out symbols for one another to progress.

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First, each needs to collect motes from yellow-bar enemies. Darkness-aligned players will have to kill Taken Knights, and Light players Taken Centurions. These enemies have shields that can only be damaged by one player depending on the buff they acquired earlier.

During the first section, the Light player will pick up the mote and a symbol will appear near them. They need to call out which symbol it, and the Darkness player needs to find it in the room they're in and shoot it.

First, the Light player will call out two symbols. Then the roles will reverse, and the Darkness will have to call out three symbols. Then, once again, the Light will be the one making callouts, for four symbols in total.

After completing this encounter, you'll find yourself dealing with a small traversal section that once again requires you to sync up around plates that are aligned to your type of subclass. It's fairly simple and will lead you to the next proper encounter.

Clock puzzle

The next encounter is figuring out which three Darkness pillars are tethered to a pyramid. Doing this is easier than it looks.

The next encounter is figuring out which three Darkness pillars are tethered to a pyramid. Doing this is easier than it looks. We've taken inspiration from Ninja Pups' video for this explanation.

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There will be nine Darkness pillars, all initially tethered to a pyramid. Eventually, during the encounter, three will be untethered. The ones untethered are different for each player, so the mission consists of shooting the three that are connected for both players.

To shoot them you need the Harmonic Sundering buff, which lasts 30 seconds and is handed to you by defeating the Tormentor that will pop up. Now, it's time to make the callouts.

The easiest way, as Ninja Pups explains, is to assign numbers to each pillar, one to nine. An example of how this would work is as follows:

  • For player one, pillars three, four, and five are not tethered
  • For player two, pillars one, six, and seven are not tethered

That means the Guardian with the Harmonic Sundering buffs has to shoot pillars two, eight, and nine.

Once completed, the Light and Darkness surge, destabilizing an obelisk" message will appear, letting you know you've successfully pulled off the encounter. You do, however, have to repeat this process two more times, but it's the exact same with no special modifiers to throw you off.

Final boss

The final boss, Expector Selin, combines the mechanics of the Darkness pillars and the Light and Darkness symbols. First, do damage until the boss goes immune, at this point, a Light and Darkness Wizards will appear.

Destroying both will spawn three symbols above the boss, aligned vertically. The Light player will be the one making the callouts, starting from the top symbol down to the bottom. Now, you can deal more damage to the boss.

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Bringing Expector Selin down to its final third will start the second phase. Here, a second boss will show up, Inspector Yemiq. Do the same as Selin, dealing damage to one-third of its HP to trigger the process of the symbols, now with the Darkness player doing the callouts.

Once both bosses are down to their final third of HP, they'll go immune and you'll have to do the clock puzzle again, except this time, both players will have their designated clocks on a different side of the room.

You will know you are on the wrong side if you can see all the pillars tethered. Therefore, head to your own and start calling out which pillars are tethered this time around. There are 12 pillars this time so it's exactly like a clock, making it easier in a way. You need to call the four pillars that each has tethered and shoot the one you both share.

So, an example:

  • Player one has three, six, eight, and nine tethered
  • Player two has three, four, five, and seven tethered

In this example, both players will have to shoot the third pillar. You need to do this process three times. Now, the big caveat here is that the tethered pillars will shift extremely fast, giving you a handful of seconds before they do.

Don't feel pressured to try and shoot the three pillars in consecutive rotations, it's better to stay calm and take your time, skip a rotation if you feel you're rushing, because if you shoot the wrong one, you'll have to start the whole process.

Another tip is that if you're running out of time at this point, finding and killing a Lucent Hive miniboss will add an extra three minutes to the timer, so try and have one of you seek it out in case you need it.

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After defeating both bosses, you'll be placed in an arena where you'll have to 1v1 your teammate. Don't worry, the outcome doesn't determine who gets the exotic class item as you'll both be rewarded with it.

And that's it. It's definitely a hard activity but highly recommended if you have a duo to try it out. For more content check out where to find the Planetary Assimilation Piston.

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