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Destiny 2 The Final Shape campaign: Mission list and rewards

Are you going for a Legend finish?

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Destiny 2 The Final Shape is here and after Bungie managed to fix most of the issues plaguing launch day, including constant error codes appearing such as Weasel, CAT, or Plum players are finally enjoying the campaign that puts an end to a decade-long story.

The grind doesn't stop there, however, as completing the campaign could help you start your Power Level grind on the right foot, as it offers plenty of rewards, especially if you're looking to complete it on Legend difficulty.

If you're wondering how long is The Final Shape campaign and if the rewards that await you for completing it on Legendary are worth it, we've broken everything down below.

Destiny 2 The Final Shape mission list

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The Final Shape has a total of eight missions. Players can experience the first seven right out of the gate, with the last one set to be released at a later date.

Here is the full list:

  • Mission 1: Transmigration
  • Mission 2: Temptation
  • Mission 3: Exegesis
  • Mission 4: Requiem
  • Mission 5: Ascent
  • Mission 6: Dissent
  • Mission 7: Iconoclasm

When is The Final Shape last mission releasing?

There's a reason Bungie is rushing the launch of Salvation's Edge raid, as the eighth and final mission of The Final Shape is tied to the World's First raid race.

As soon as Bungie confirms a team has cleared the raid, the final mission will unlock for all players. The raid will unlock on June 7 so all players can do is wait patiently.

The Final Shape Legend campaign rewards

So what are you getting for completing it? Turns out, a lot. Even if you're playing on Normal, completing the campaign will give you access to several Prismatic abilities that will make the subclass much more complete and interesting, as initially, players will only get access to a very small selection of Fragments and abilities.

The Legend rewards are where it gets good, as you'll get access to a piece of new exotic armor of your choosing and a bunch more stuff. Here is the full list:

  • One exotic armor piece for your class
  • A full 1960 PL armor set
  • The Victorious Oddment emblem

Depending on your class, you'll get the option of picking from two armor pieces.

  • Titans: Wishful Ignorance or Hazardous Propulsion
  • Hunters: Balance of Power or Gifted Conviction
  • Warlocks: Mataiodoxía or Speaker’s Sight

The armor piece you don't choose will become a part of the Legend Lost Sector exotic loot pool. So there you have it, will you be going for a solo Legend run? For more content, check out how to get Enhancement Cores in Destiny 2.

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