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Destiny 2 Memory Vestige: Where to find and how to use

It's time to farm for fragments

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The Final Shape DLC hides many secrets and post-game content for Guardians who have already finished the campaign, including hunting down more fragments to make the most out of your Prismatic builds. To acquire all, you'll need Memory Vestige items, which have Light and Darkness alignment.

Acquiring Memory Vestiges can be a tough grind, so if you're looking for the easiest farming method, we'll break down exactly how to obtain them and how to use Memory Vestige Light and Darkness.

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How to get Memory Vestige: Light

Getting Memory Vestige: Light is an easy process but requires you to progress through a specific quest to speed up the process: the Alone in the Dark quest.

The Alone in the Dark quest is handed to you by Micah-10 after completing The Final Shape campaign quest step 28 and helping her find a few lost Ghosts around the Pale Heart (three Convalescence missions).

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In the Cyst activities you'll run into glowing enemies, destroying them will net you one Memory Vestige: Light.

Once you unlock Cysts, you don't need to pick up the Micah-10 quests but players recommend you do regardless as it can lead to bugs preventing you from picking more Memory Vestige: Light items.

How to get Memory Vestige: Darkness

Finding Darkness Memory Vestiges is simpler. You need to cleanse darkness-infused chests that spawn around the Pale Heart.

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To cleanse these chests, you must complete small objectives that shouldn't take too long. The objectives range from following a beam of light through several sections of an area to cleansing darkness clusters using grenades only.

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There are particular fragments, such as the Facet of Honor, that require five Memory Vestige: Darkness items to be unlocked, so try and find as many chests as you can.

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