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Destiny 2: How to get the Facet of Honor fragment

Complete your Prismatic subclass

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To make the best out of your Prismatic builds in Destiny 2, the brand-new subclass introduced with The Final Shape, you'll want to find the Facet of Honor fragment.

The Facet of Honor isn't as straightforward as other fragments. To unlock this Prismatic chest you'll need to obtain a unique key item called Memory: Divisive Darkness.

In this guide, we'll tell you how to get the Memory: Divisive Darkness item and locate the Fragment of Honor Prismatic chest. For more, check out our best Prismatic Warlock build in Destiny 2.

How to get Memory: Divisive Darkness in Destiny 2

Before we tell you where to find the Facet of Honor chest, you'll want to know how to open it. You'll need to acquire the Memory: Divisive Darkness.

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To obtain it, you need to earn five Memory Vestige: Darkness items. Getting this is relatively easy but a bit time-consuming. While exploring the Pale Heart, you'll run into darkness-shrouded chests.

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You'll need to cleanse them by completing simple tasks that range from following a beam of light, making darkness sludges explode with grenades, or moving a giant pile of hay (or something similar) into a big platform.

Once you cleanse five chests and obtain the Memory Vestige: Darkness, you'll automatically receive the Memory: Divisive Darkness key item.

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Facet of Honor fragment location

Now we have everything we need to open the Facet of Honor Prismatic chest. Luckily, once you obtain the Memory: Divisive Darkness, the approximate location of the chest will be marked on your map.

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In this case, use The Impasse Landing Zone and head towards The Divide. Remember that if you highlight the marked location on your map, you'll have a waypoint pointing you in the right direction.

In any case, the road is pretty straightforward, make your way to the abandoned building until you reach the snowy mountain on the other side. You'll be headed towards the mountain peak.

On your way to the Facet of Honor chest, you'll walk past the Facet of Bravery and Facet of Command chests so be sure to pick those up if you haven't. Once you reach the approximate location you'll get the "Near Objective" notification.

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From the position seen in the image below, go right near the edge and you'll be able to spot the chest easily.

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Facet of Honor fragment explained

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If you're curious about what the Facet of Honor does, here's the description:

  • Collecting an elemental pickup or destroying a Tangle grants Transcendence energy of the same type

And that's it. For more content, check out how to get the Ergo Sum exotic sword and its God Roll.

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