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Year 8 of Siege to feature one map rework and one new map

Year 8 is around the corner!

Exciting times are ahead for Siege fans. After yesterday's announcement of Operation Commanding Force, Ubisoft today unveiled their plans for the game during Year 8, the new year of Rainbow Six Siege.

Brava will be the newest Rainbow Six Siege operator. The three-speed, one-health attacker will join Rainbow Six Siege with the launch of Operation Commanding Force. Her Kludge Drones will be a priceless asset to any lineup!

While we won't have a new map in Operation Commanding Force, this doesn't mean we won't have any during the entirity of Year 8.

Here are Ubisoft's plans regarding map creation and rework for Year 8!

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Is there going to be a new map in Rainbow Six Siege?

Rainbow Six Siege won't introduce a new map to the game with the release of Operation Commanding Force. However, there will be a new map in the future, so don't worry!

According to Ubisoft's announcement, a new map will be added to Rainbow Six Siege with the release of the fourth season of Year 8 -- Y8S4. While that seems like a long time, the second season will introduce a rework for... Consulate!

Consulate is one of the oldest maps in Rainbow Six Siege. The map has already had multiple changes, especially with the addition of a fourth bomb site. 

However, the fourth bomb site was not very good and the map was eventually removed from the competitive rotation -- though it is still in ranked.

What maps were introduced with Siege's Year 7?

Rainbow Six Siege's Year 7 saw the introduction of four new maps to the game. 

First, Emerald Plains was introduced in the middle of Operation Demon Veil. Close Quarter was also added to the game as a Team Deathmatch exclusive map.

Eventually, Stadium Bravo and Nighthaven Labs were introduced with Operation Brutal Swarm and Operation Solar Raid, respectively -- though the former wasn't entirely a new map.

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