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Y7S2 Designer's Notes: LMGs to be nerfed in Y7S3, crouch walking volume increased, major changes to Glaz

LMGs will be tweaked... in September.

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Rainbow Six Siege has announced today the Designer's Notes for Year 7 Season 2, as Operation Vector Glare will introduce a handful of changes that will affect the operators in the game.

Operation Vector Glare's Test Server will be opened tomorrow, May 24. Meanwhile, check this article to find out what's coming with the new operation.

LMGs to be tweaked in November

Although this change won't come with the upcoming patch, Ubisoft has announced its intention to tweak what are arguably the most broken weapons in the game: the LMGs.

"We can comfortably announce that adjustments will be coming to both LMGs and Finka in Y7S3", announced Ubisoft on the Designer's Notes released earlier today. Ubisoft is aware of the impact LMGs have in the game right now, so a change will be introduced in six months.

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Finka will also experience a change soon, as her position in the game is too strong right now. The Designer Note's graphics reveal that Finka has had an almost 80% presence in ranked rounds in Platinum and above throughout all the matches played in the Y7S1.2 patch. She also has the biggest Win Delta percentage with three. This is not only due to her having an LMG but also due to her having fragmentation grenades and access to the Gonne-6.

Screen Shake intensity to be changed

With the upcoming operation, players will be able to turn off or reduce the intensity of screen shake.

Players experience the screen shake when they are close to an explosion. Rainbow Six Siege has decided to put to an end this phenomenon, which was the origin of many complaints both from casual and professional players.

Now, players will have the option to play with the current settings, reducing the screen shake, or turning it off. You will be able to change it from the Accessibility menu.

Crouch walking volume has been increased

Crouching is a powerful movement in Siege. It is very silent, the player can still move very fast. It really is a round-changer. Well, Ubisoft is going to change that. Crouching will be louder now.

"Given how how (sic) fast you can still move while crouch walking, we wanted to better align the sound of this movement with comparable forms of walking," wrote Ubisoft in the Designer's Note.

More third secondary options

Ubisoft has announced that some operators will be getting a third gun in their secondary weapon kit, giving players another way to play them. These operators include:

  • Amaru - ITA12S
  • Clash - P-10C
  • Dokkaebi - C75-AUTO
  • Finka - GSH-18
  • Glaz - Bearing-9
  • Gridlock - SDP 9mm
  • Kali - P22 Mk5
  • Lion - P9
  • Tachanka - Bearing-9


Glaz has been changed from a two-armor, two-speed operator, to a one-armor, three-speed operator. He is also getting a Bearing 9 to use as a secondary gun.

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