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What are the best guns in Rainbow Six Siege?

Rainbow Six Siege's meta is wild now.

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Although Rainbow Six Siege is a strategy game where intelligence and map knowledge take a huge part in the final results of matches, getting kills is equally important. Eventually, you will see yourself in gunfights. Even though aiming skills are important, having the best gun will put you in a better place.

So, this is why you should ask yourself what weapons can give you an advantage over your opponents.

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What are the best guns in Rainbow Six Siege?

Best guns on attack in Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege's current meta leans towards LMGs. This kind of weapon has over 80 bullets per magazine, delivers great damage, has an insane fire rate, and has very manageable recoil. If that wasn't enough advantage over defenders, the big majority of LMGs have access to x2.5 sights.

With this in mind, LMGs such as Zofia's, Finka's, Fuze's, Ying's, or even Amaru's or IQ's can give you the upper hand in gunfights.

Zofia's LMG.
Finka's and Fuze's LMG.
Ying's LMG.
IQ's and Amaru's LMG.
Capitão's LMG.
Gridlock's LMG.

Best guns on defense in Rainbow Six Siege

Meanwhile, defense is a different story. The biggest majority of defenders don't have access to LMGs, with Maestro and Tachanka being the only exceptions.

To compensate for it, defenders usually rely on weapons with magnifying sights, guns with stable recoils and high fire rates, or even shotguns.

MP5 - Doc, Rook, Melusi

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ALDA 5.56 - Maestro

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P10 Roni - Mozzie, Aruni

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K1A - Vigil

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416-C Carbine - Jäger

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M590AE1 - Mute, Smoke, Warden, Sledge, Thatcher

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F0-12 - Ela

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How to improve at gunfights in Rainbow Six Siege

Although having a good weapon in your hands is key to winning gunfights, you must master the art of aim. You can improve by playing Terrorist Hunt or Team Deathmatch.

Terrorist Hunt

Terrorist Hunt is a Rainbow Six Siege game mode where players can practice against terrorists controlled by the game's AI. It includes Hostage, Bomb, and Elimination modes, and you can play whether on defense or in attack. If you want to get used to a specific weapon or operator, this is your place.

Team Deathmatch

Team Deathmatch is a Rainbow Six Siege game mode where players can practice their gunfight skills. We are talking of a game mode where players instantly respawn once they are killed, so the pace of the matches is insanely high.

Operators' unique abilities are banned, so the only way to obtain kills is by using the operators' weapons. If this wasn't enough players can pick any operator in the game, whether a defender or an attacker.

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