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Warzone fans thrilled following the latest Kar98k nerf

Another huge Warzone W from Raven Software

Warzone player holding Kar98k marksman rifle with snow-covered building and rocks in background

Warzone fans have given their seal of approval to a second nerf to the popular Kar98k marksman rifle.

The iconic Call of Duty rifle returned as part of the Season 4 update for the battle royale as players were transported back to the Verdansk era where the Kar98k dominated long-distance duels. The Season 4 Reloaded update applied an initial nerf which had minimal impact on its performance.

Now, players are delighted following another nerf that appeared in the July 2nd update.

This patch delivered the first nerf to the Kar98k's impressive damage output much to the delight of fans starting to grow tired of its dominance.

Fans were quick to share their thoughts on the changes. One describes the update as a "huge W." Another player adds: "So the Kar doesn't 2-tap anywhere in the body anymore? W imo."

On the other hand, some players aren't pleased with Raven Software listening to player feedback. The fan says: "This community is so stupid. 'Wah we want the WZ1 Kar98k back' devs bring it back 'Wah, Kar98k is too OP, devs nerf it and now we'll be back to a laser beam instakill auto meta until Black Ops 6."

The nerf of the Kar98k opens the door for other weapons in the extensive arsenal to take its place. With the focus slowly turning to the start of Season 5, players are opting for powerful LMGs paired alongside an SMG such as the Superi 46 to deal with any close-range threats.

For now, the nerf has bought the Kar98k in line with other long-distance weaponry and still sits at the top of the meta. We'll have to wait and see the long-term effects of the damage reduction and if Raven Software has to intervene for a third time to prevent its dominance once and for all.

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