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Warzone Season 5: Everything you need to know

Here's what Warzone Season 5 could have in store

Warzone Soap Operator holding shotgun on shoulder in front of British pub
July 10th, 2024: Season 5 is on its way soon and we've got all the latest intel here.

Attention is slowly starting to move towards the Warzone Season 5 start date and what the penultimate season of content has in store.

Although Season 4 Reloaded underway, fans are already switching focus to the launch of Black Ops 6 following the arrival of the Kar98k and a Gundam event packed with a wealth of rewards to obtain. Before Treyarch's title drops, there are still a few more seasons of the MW3 cycle with Season 5 expected to offer up plenty of new content.

Here's everything there is to know about the Warzone Season 5 update and when it's likely to release.

Warzone Season 5 news - Deadpool and Wolverine

According to datamined files, the next Call of Duty collaboration could involve Marvel and Wolverine to celebrate the launch of the upcoming movie. The datamined files showcase brand-new Deadpool-based finishing moves.

Warzone Season 5 start date estimate

We expect Warzone Season 5 to begin on July 24th, 2024. Despite Activision not sharing any details yet, we already know a full-length Call of Duty season lasts for eight weeks. Based on that logic and the start of Season 4, this date is the likely starting point.

As with all start dates, they can change. As soon as Activision shares more information, we'll update the guide with the official start date.

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Warzone Season 5 weapons

Following their appearance in the game files, here are some of the weapons that could appear as part of Warzone Season 5:

  • STG-44 (Assault rifle)
  • Compound Bow
  • AVS 36
  • RPL 20
  • Spear

We'll update the guide with all the intel on the new weaponry as soon as it appears.

Warzone Season 5 expected content

Below is a list of content fans can expect to see as part of the Season 5 update:

  • Season 5 battle pass and BlackCell
  • New weapons
  • Weapon balancing
  • New Operators
  • Limited-time events
  • New game modes
  • Map changes

Once Raven Software shares more, we'll have all the intel on what Season 5 of Warzone has in store here.

That's all there is to know about the Warzone Season 5 start date so far. For more, check out the best Superi 46 loadout to deal huge damage in close-quarters combat.

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