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Rainbow Six Siege rolls out 40% discount on R6 Share skins to celebrate Six Invitational 2023

R6 Share skins have now a 40% discount!

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Are you a big fan of the Rainbow Six Siege esports scene? Would you like to represent the colors of your favorite teams? Well, this is your lucky day!

Rainbow Six Siege has released a new promotion that applies to the majority of the R6 Share cosmetics. From now until the end of the Six Invitational 2023, players will enjoy a 40% discount on R6 Share cosmetics!

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R6 Share skins - how to get them?

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R6 Share skins can be purchased at the Rainbow Six Siege store.

All the teams are divided by their names and ordered alphabetically. Astralis, for instance, is the first name on the list, while Wolves Esports is the last.

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What are the best R6 Share skins?

Rainbow Six Siege's R6 Share program has a wide range of skins, but we have chosen our favorite five:


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Disclaimer: DWG KIA's skins in Rainbow Six Siege were released before the organization's rebrand to Dplus KIA.

Dplus KIA have two cosmetics in the R6 Share program. In 2021, the South Korean roster was represented by Hibana, while the team decided to go with Iana and Nomad for 2022.

Oxygen Esports

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Oxygen Esports' bundle includes a universal operator card background and an incredible weapon skin for Maverick's M4.


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Knights' skins are remarkable. The golden of the team's badge combines with any shiny color you can think of. Also, you have plenty of options to choose from! On top of that, all of the weapons are meta, so you will have many chances of representing the Australian team in the server.

CYCLOPS athlete gaming

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CAG's start to the Six Invitational 2023 was as beautiful as the design of their skin for Alibi's Mx4 Storm. We can't promise you it will give you their players' aim, though.


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While Rogue's skins may not be the favorites, these will probably be removed from the store soon due to the former Rogue lineup being now represented by KOI. The same will happen with XSET's skins, after M80's acquisition of the North American League roster.

If you want to get those skins, it's now or never!

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