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Rainbow Six Siege releases Halo Sledge Elite Bundle

Sledge's Master Chief Bundle is here!

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Last month, Rainbow Six Siege fans were left open-mouthed as the leaks of a partnership with Halo emerged. This potential partnership included a Sledge Elite Bundle inspired by Halo's character, Master Chief.

Eventually, Rainbow Six Siege officially announced it five weeks after the first footage was leaked. Now, Sledge's Master Chief Elite Bundle is in the game's store!

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Sledge Master Chief Elite Bundle

Rainbow Six Siege has presented Sledge's Master Chief Elite Bundle with a short video. The operator lands on Consulate, a map that was reworked with the release of Operation Heavy Mettle.

The fans have received Sledge's new Elite Bundle with open arms. However, some of them complained about the bundle's price.

How to buy the Sledge Master Chief Elite Bundle?

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Sledge's Master Chief Elite Bundle is finally here! You can purchase Sledge's new Elite Bundle now, but it's not going to be cheap! Sledge's Master Chief Elite Bundle currently costs 2,403 R6 Credits, which makes it the most expensive Elite Bundle in the store.

How to get R6 Credits?

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Purchasing R6 Credits is very easy! You can buy them in Rainbow Six Siege's in-game shop.

First, you must click on Shop and scroll down to Currency Packs. There, you can choose between the next six options:

  • 600 R6 Credits
  • 1200 R6 Credits
  • 2670 R6C Premier Pack
  • 4920 R6C Premier Pack
  • 7560 R6C Signature Pack
  • 16000 R6 Credits

Keep in mind that R6 Credits can only be used to purchase skins in Rainbow Six Siege's store! You can't use them to buy Alpha or Bravo Packs.

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