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Sledge to get new Elite Bundle as Master Chief after potential partnership with Halo

Sledge will get a very interesting Elite Bundle.

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A new Elite Bundle could be in the works in Rainbow Six Siege, as the video of a very unique cosmetic has flooded Twitter — or X.

Apparently, Rainbow Six Siege and Halo may have partnered to make a Sledge Elite Bundle themed around Master Chief.

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When is Master Chief from Halo coming to Siege?

Master Chief is expected to come to Rainbow Six Siege on Sep. 26! If you are a Halo fan, you don't want to miss this out!

The last Elite Bundle released to the game was Thunderbird's, which was revealed on Aug. 14.

What does the community think of Master Chief comming to Siege?

The Rainbow Six Siege community seems to be very excited with the potential arrival of Master Chief to the game.

Professional players have already reacted to the Elite Bundle, with some of them saying they will use it in the professional competitions. Unfortunately, professional players can only use R6 Share skins when playing Rainbow Six Siege competitively.

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