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Rainbow Six Siege releases 20% discount on R6 Share bundles

R6 Share fans, this is your lucky day!

Have you been thinking recently about purchasing an R6 Share bundle? Well, this is your lucky week! From Aug. 4 to Aug. 14, most of the R6 Share bundles and items will have a 20% discount.

Ubisoft has decided to launch this promotion to celebrate the arrival of Year 8 Season 3. As announced yesterday, the upcoming season of Rainbow Six Siege will be revealed on Aug. 13!

Unfortunately, the promotion doesn't include all of the R6 Share bundles. While most of the items will be 20% cheaper, the price of the cosmetics released on Jul. 2023 will remain the same.

In this article, we have gathered five of our favorite items to give you an idea of what can you get from Ubisoft's most recent promotion. You better not miss out on these deals!

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KOI 2023

KOI's R6 Share bundle is arguably one of the greatest in the game. Although it was released earlier this year, you can see it frequently. Its success lies in the bundle's operator card background.

CAG 2021

Back when the P10 RONI was one of the best weapons on defense, the community went crazy for this skin. Practically everyone had it. Later on, the nerf on Mozzie and Aruni's weapon killed the gun. Fun fact, this skin includes the name of the players that represented the Japanese team in 2021.

Knights 2020

Ash and Iana's G36C is one of the most popular weapons in Rainbow Six Siege. If you are a fan of these two operators, Knights' bundle released in 2020 is a good shout.

G2 Esports 2020

Do you want to represent the current world champions in Rainbow Six Siege? This may be your best chance! All of G2 Esports' bundles and cosmetics are part of this promotion. You can get the team's cosmetic for Jäger's Carbine for less than 300 R6 Credits!

Spacestation Gaming 2023

Last but not least, we have Spacestation Gaming's R6 Share bundle for Lesion. It includes multiple items, with his gun skin being the best on the list. It's also worth mentioning the bundle's operator card background.

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