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Rainbow Six Siege players claim they are getting "screwed" by Alpha Packs

Rainbow Six Siege Alpha Packs... Blech.

Looking for new skins and other popular cosmetics? One way to snatch some up in Rainbow Six Siege is by opening Alpha Packs

Since 2017, Rainbow Six Siege players have opened Alpha Packs to find various skins, including ones that aren't available for purchase in the in-game store (like Black Ice skins). Alpha Packs are divided into rarity, with Legendary Alpha Packs containing the most sought-after cosmetics. 

But recently, Rainbow Six Siege players have been feeling ripped off by Alpha Packs. On Reddit, one player said: "I have opened 30 Alpha Packs and got 21 Uncommons and 7 Rares. Is it just bad luck or did something change?" 

This opened the flood gates, with many other people in the R6 community revealing that they have also been disappointed in Alpha Packs. Some noted that they have been getting only seasonal outfits. While some are desirable, it's still strange that players are being flooded with such specific items. 

Another said: "Yea, like the last 20 or so Alpha Packs I opened were Uncommon aside from a purple I got from a seasonal stuff for an op i dont even have."

Then another: "More like Uncommon packs — 80% of my packs are Uncommon with either White Noise, Grim Sky, or Steel Wave." 

"Straight Uncommons. All old seasonal camo I will never use. Thanks for nothing, Ubisoft," one player added. 

Multiple Rainbow Six Siege players noted that the amount of duplicates and headgear have also been overwhelmingly disappointing. 

The overall conclusion is that opening Alpha Packs just isn't fun. 

Ubisoft hasn't responded to the complaints as of yet.