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Rainbow Six Siege new operator to counter hard breachers

Operation Deep Freeze is around the corner!

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Operation Deep Freeze is bringing a new operator to Rainbow Six Siege, as well as a new map called Lair. Unfortunately, we didn't know much about the new operator other than he's a Portuguese defender... until now.

Rainbow Six Siege's new teaser has finally given us an idea of what the new operator will be able to do. Apparently, the game's 35th defender will be able to prevent hard breaching charges from detonating.

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Operation Deep Freeze new gadget to counter hard breachers

The new gadget introduced in Operation Deep Freeze will be the Zoto Canister, which will be the new operator's special ability.

Although we don't know its full potential yet, Rainbow Six Siege's new video has unveiled some details about it.

First and most importantly, we must notice how the Zoto Canister stops a hard breach from exploding. More or less like Kaid, the device is throwable and could be an alternative to the Moroccan operator for hatches.

Secondly, the video shows how the ice captures the footsteps of the attackers on the floor above. We think that the device could spot the attackers that step on the iced surface, or at least slow them down.

Finally, the video also shows how the clock stops during the animation of the gadget. Could we be talking of a device that freezes the timer of the round? Could the gadget prevent attackers from activating devices while they are affected by the device?

When will Operation Deep Freeze be announced?

Operation Deep Freeze will be announced on November 12, during the BLAST R6 Major Atlanta Finals. We expect Operation Deep Freeze to go live two weeks after the Test Server is opened.

Although the arrivals of a new map and a new operator have already been confirmed, Ubisoft will introduce other features to the game in Operation Deep Freeze. An AI Playlist and changes to fragmentation grenades have already been mentioned for the last season of Year 8!

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