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Rainbow Six Extraction releases new Halloween Bundles for Zofia, Finka, Doc, and Vigil

Halloween has reached Rainbow Six Extraction!

Banner Image: @R6Extraction

Rainbow Six Extraction has released four Halloween bundles for the spooky season! Players can now get their hands on the new bundles exclusive for Doc, Finka, Vigil, and Zofia. 

It's not the only new content in Rainbow Six Extraction, as earlier this week the new Crisis Event called "After Effect" was released in the game. If you have never tried out Rainbow Six Extraction, this is the moment!

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Rainbow Six Extraction's Halloween Bundles

Rainbow Six Extraction's Halloween Bundles already can be found on the game's store. As of now, each bundle costs 900 R6 Credits.

Finka - Freakshow

Finka's bundle can only be defined with one word: Halloween. With a pumpkin covering her head, Finka hopes to scare the Archaeans. It's time to get serious.

Vigil - Antique Hunter

Vigil's bundle is spooky. His mask is now the head of a doll, and his right eye is completely red. Archaeans must watch out if they get to face this Halloween version of Vigil.

Zofia - Queen of the Fright

Zofia's bundle might be the best in Rainbow Six Extraction's Halloween Collection. Her head is a spider, a headgear that, let's be honest, would do wonders in Rainbow Six Siege itself. 

Doc - Death Healer

Finally, Doc's bundle "Death Healer" is another good option to celebrate Halloween in Rainbow Six Extraction. It may not be as spooky and spectacular as the rest, but it's still a good option.

Halloween in Rainbow Six Siege

If those four bundles don't convince you to celebrate the spooky season in the Rainbow Six world, you may prefer Rainbow Six Siege.

Recently, Rainbow Six Siege released the Halloween game mode Doktor's Curse, a time-limited game mode played on the old version of Theme Park. Doktor's Curse is highly praised due to the event's mechanics, a spooky, quick game mode that thrills the community. On top of that, the cosmetics released alongside the Halloween event are some of the best in the game.

If that wasn't enough, Rainbow Six Siege has re-launched the Containment Collection, which was part of last year's time-limited event Containment Event. Although this time players can't enjoy the game mode, the cosmetics can be purchased until Nov. 4.

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