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Rainbow Six Siege's Doktor's Curse event launches new exclusive bundles

Halloween is here in Rainbow Six Siege!

Halloween has hit Rainbow Six Siege! From Oct. 13 to Nov. 2, players will have the chance to play Doktor's Curse, one of the most acclaimed Siege game modes. If you have never played this time-limited event, you may want to know all about Doktor's Curse

Although Doktor's Curse is a very special event, its uniqueness isn't the only aspect the community loves. Doktor's Curse's cosmetics are some of the best in the game, and with the event back, these are also back to the in-game store.

Here are all the bundles released with Doktor's Curse launch:

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Doktor's Curse Skins

Doktor's Curse Bundles will stay in the in-game store for a limited time, until Nov. 2. 

All the bundles in the Doktor's Curse collection include the following:

  • Weapon skin.
  • Headgear.
  • Uniform.
  • Charm.
  • Operator Portrait.

Here's a look at all the bundles in the collection!

Aruni Carnivorous Bundle

Azami Hannya Bundle

Bandit Jailbird Bundle

Doc Evil Genius Bundle

Ela Needlework Bundle

Frost Tusk Bundle

Gridlock Scallywag Bundle

Jackal Amphibian Bundle

Kaid Bloodthirst Bundle

Kapkan Phantom Bundle

Lesion Flesheater Bundle

Lion Headless Bundle

Melusi Haunting Bundle

Nomad Grave Robber Bundle

Oryx Infernal Bundle

Pulse Chiroptera Bundle

Smoke Soiled Bundle

Thorn Bloodshed Bundle

Doktor's Curse Universal Bundles

Doktor's Curse collection also includes three universal bundles. Universal bundles include skins that can be equipped with any gun in the game, which makes them very special.

Check out our article for more information on the Doktor's Curse Universal Bundles.

Meanwhile, have a look at all the Doktor's Curse Universal Bundles:

Incorporeal Bundle

Wicked Surgery

Flayed Pain

What are the best Doktor's Curse skins?

Doktor's Curse collection is packed with cosmetics, but we have chosen our five favorite items!

Aruni and Dokkaebi's Trigger Hair 

Lion's Severed Headgear

Nomad's Forever Cursed

Possessed Possession

Azami's Brokenhearted

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