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Siege's Containment Collection is back for a limited time!

The Containment Collection is back to Siege!

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October has been an incredible month for Rainbow Six Siege in terms of cosmetic releases. Earlier this month, the time-limited event Doktor's Curse dropped as almost a hundred skins were released to the game with it.

If that wasn't enough, Rainbow Six Siege's Containment Collection has made a brief return to the game for a limited time. Players will have a week to get as many items as possible, with Siege giving everyone a Free Pack.

In some way, this is Rainbow Six Siege's way to promote Rainbow Six Extraction's new Crisis Event, which was released on Oct. 27. It is called After Effect, and you can play it now on Extraction!

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Containment Collection

The Containment Collection is back in Rainbow Six Siege! It includes cosmetics for Blackbeard, Aruni, Ace, Kaid, Zero, Mira, Warden, IQ, Echo, and Jäger.

It also includes a new cosmetic, the universal operator card background called "Containment".

Siege's Containment Event

Rainbow Six Siege's Containment Event was an spooky one! Operators had to stop the Proteans in a special version of Siege's map Consulate.

Defenders were given Oryx's ability, so they could use some kind of Dash. Defenders could also climb up the hatches all over the map.

The objective for the attackers was to destroy all the nests spread all over the map. Meanwhile, defenders had to protect them.

While attackers could kill defenders with regular weapons, defenders could only use the dash and melee movements. Defenders' health bars were also hugely buffed, which meant attackers with LMGs were quite strong -- including Finka, Zofia, and Gridlock.

Can I play Siege's Containment Event?

Unluckily, Rainbow Six Siege has only released the cosmetics back to the game. This means that players won't be able to enjoy of the Containment Event, which was initially released last year to celebrate the arrival of Rainbow Six Extraction.

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