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R6 Share skins tier list — What are the best skins in R6 Siege?

This is our skin tier list!

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Rainbow Six Siege released the second set of R6 Share skins this week. With it, R6Esports launched a tier list maker, where you can order the skins in five categories to show which are the best... And which are not worth grabbing.

This is our list.

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Before commenting on the skins, remember: there's no accounting for taste. We have used some parameters to order the skins in different categories, including design, colors, and if the gun chosen has other esports bundles.

Tier S - DWG KIA, Oxygen Esports, INTZ, Team oNe

Marvelous designs and a great combination of colors make these skins very appealing to the players. If that wasn't enough, these guns currently play an important role in the game.

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DWG KIA's skin for Nomad's and Iana's ARX200 is simply beautiful. Great combination of colors that represent the brand, and a very simplistic design. It does the job.

Oxygen Esports' also combines the colors of the organization with a fierce design, while the Brazilian sides of INTZ and Team oNe have gone for bright colors. Considering the popularity of all the four guns, we expect these to be very common in Rainbow Six Siege from now on.

Tier A - Black Dragons, XSET, CAG, FAV Gaming

Black Dragons' skin is incredible and will probably be seen regularly in games, but let's be honest — the P10 is a very poor gun to go with. CYCLOPS' design and G2's popularity in the game will make BD's skin go pretty unnoticed for many, which is a shame because this could be a huge success in a gun that lacks R6 Share representation.

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The Japanese sides have done it again, with CYCLOPS athlete gaming's skin being by far the best one of the two. However, it has a downside. While the design is precious, it's for an Alibi gun, an operator who's intended to be played with no skins equipped. In another gun, this would be an S Tier, no brainer.

Meanwhile, the Knights skin for the MP5K completes the list. It is a gun skin full of details, including hidden lore for the team's fans.

Tier B - Wildcard Gaming, Elevate, Soniqs, XSET

Wildcard Gaming's design is very cool and detailed, but it really looks like their F2 skin. It's red, white, and a bunch of more stuff. It is also for Alibi's gun... so nope, not exactly amazing.

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Something similar can be said of Elevate's skin. Indeed, they have done it again -- another anime skin. Same colors, same style. The concept is cool, and we will surely see this skin in games pretty soon.

XSET's skin is also red, being the deadliest skin in the set as it simulates a gun with blood on it. Meanwhile, the Soniqs have gone for a non-Siege design, as the person in the skin looks like a character from a very well-known FPS game whose name begins with V.

Tier C - SANDBOX Gaming, Heroic, Talon Esports, Chiefs, Mirage, w7m esports, Invictus Gaming, beastcoast

We could define these skins as mid. They are there, but not many people are going to pick these because of their designs or because other guns have got what we think are better R6 Share skins.

Heroic could be the best in this category. Thermite's gun is very popular but it has just a couple R6 Share skins, so it's a good decision. Same goes for Mirage and beastcoast skins. However, again, the designs are very simplistic. It could have been better.

Tier D - FURIA Esports

Amazing team, very cool guys, but the skins isn't it. It's clean, but it's dark. Very dark, mainly because well, FURIA's main color is black. However, we don't expect it to be successful outside the true fans of the team. The MP5 has many R6 Share skins, including the Knights skin — which is possibly one of the best and can be obtained with only 300 R6 Credits.

Having other options for the MP5 and the design possibly not being very appealing for players places this skin at the bottom of the list.

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