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Meet Rainbow Six Siege's newest faction, Ghosteyes

Ghosteyes are the fourth faction to be in Rainbow Six Siege after Team Rainbow, Nighthaven, and Wolfguard.

Last week, Rainbow Six Siege introduced us to Ghosteyes, the game's newest faction. It's the fourth squad in the game after Team Rainbow, Nighthaven, and Wolfguard.

Ghosteyes was announced at the Jönköping Major, where we saw the full reveal of the upcoming season -- Year 7 Season 4 Operation Solar Raid. For more information on the groups, check out our guide for the Jönköping Major.

For more information on the new features coming to the game with the launch of the upcoming season, check out our general article about Operation Solar Raid.

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Rainbow Six Siege's newest faction is Ghosteyes

Ghosteyes is the new faction in Rainbow Six Siege. Various operators have joined the squad, including Zero, Maverick, Caveira, Vigil, Mozzie, Lesion, Flores, and the newest operator, Solis.

Solis is a Colombian operator that will join Rainbow Six Siege with the release of Operation Solar Raid. Her gadget, the SPEC-IO Electro Sensor, can spot attacking devices through surfaces. She can combine her gadget with other operators' C4s or she can work alongside Kaid and Bandit to electrify reinforced walls.

Looking at the list of the operators that build Siege's newest faction Ghosteyes, the majority of them are operators that "work in the darkness". Vigil and Nokk's abilities are similar, which prevents cameras from spotting them. Mozzie and Lesion's traps do the job from the distance. Zero and Caveira can grab information for their teammates, similar to Flores, who can use the Ratero drones for that same purpose.

Technology is crucial to all of these operators who have just joined a new and exciting faction. How will that affect the lore of Rainbow Six Siege? The future is exciting!

Operation Solar Raid release date

Ghosteyes and Solis will join Rainbow Six Siege with the release of Operation Solar Raid. However, when is Ubisoft planning to release the upcoming season?

Well, there's a date. Operation Solar Raid will be released on Dec. 6, with the Test Server coming out... today! If you are a PC player, don't miss out on the opportunity of playing the new update on the Test Server, as Ubisoft will use the community's feedback to improve the game.

So, what are you waiting for? Good luck, operators!

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