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How to complete Fortnite Crown Discord quest

Fortnite and Discord are giving players a chance to earn a limited-time Discord avatar cosmetic. But, you'll need to be quick!

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Fortnite and Discord have partnered up numerous times in the last few years, with the latter granting users a bunch of free rewards for playing the hit Epic Games battle royale. Now, players can get a limited-time Fortnite Crown for Discord by completing a new Fortnite Discord quest.

Unfortunately, the quest is only open for a few days before it expires. And, even worse, the actual cosmetic only lasts a few months, ending shortly after the next Fortnite season starts. In any case, if you want something cool for your Discord profile, here's how to complete the latest quest.

How to get the Fortnite Crown for Discord quest

Here's how to claim the Fortnite Discord quest and unlock the Fortnite Crown Discord avatar decoration:

  • Open Discord on your PC or laptop
  • Go to your User Settings via the cog near to your username
  • Head to Gift Inventory
  • Claim the Fortnite Reload quest
  • Play Fortnite Reload for 15 minutes (while Discord is active)

After that, you'll receive your exclusive Fortnite Crown Discord decoration, giving your avatar a nice little feature. Unfortunately, it only lasts for two months, being removed from your inventory on September 3, 2024, shortly after the Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 4 release date and the Fortnite Festival Season 5 release date arrives.

However, the quest is only available to claim and complete until July 4, 2024, so if you want to spice up your Discord profile before then, you'll need to start playing some Fortnite Reload. After claiming the quest, of course.

It's unclear whether this is a one-time reward, or if it will return in the future. In fact, it may become a paid-for decoration shortly after expiring in September. It's disappointing that it's not a permanent item for your Discord profile, but at least you can see whether avatar decorations are worth getting or not.

Speaking of limited-time rewards, make sure to check out the Fortnite Pirates of the Caribbean release date so you can take part in the event pass and earn some free cosmetics!

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