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Fortnite Festival Season 5: Release date, musician, and more

Here’s when you can expect the Fortnite Festival Season 5 release date to arrive.

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Fortnite Festival may not be as popular as the appealing battle royale mode, but the party never stops in Epic Games’ rhythm mode. And, as Metallica leaves the stage, here’s what you can expect when the Fortnite Festival Season 5 release date lands.

Like many people wondering when the next Fortnite season is, the upcoming Fortnite Festival update will bring some new tracks, a new Festival Pass, and of course, a new headline act to kick off the celebrations in the new season. But, when can you expect to play it?

Fortnite Festival Season 5 start date

The Fortnite Festival Season 5 release date lands on Friday, August 16, 2024, according to the Epic Games blog post about the current season. In the post, Epic Games confirms the last date of Season 4, giving the exact date of when you can expect the upcoming celebrations to start.

For those playing the Fortnite Battle Royale game mode, you may recognize August 16 as the same day as the Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 4 release date starts. While details are scarce on the upcoming season right now, a leaked roadmap suggests that Marvel will be returning to the game in a huge way.

Fortnite Festival Season 5 featured artist

While Epic Games has yet to confirm the featured artist itself, the leaked roadmap for Fortnite 2024 implies that Karol G will be the headlining act for the upcoming season. Considering the same roadmap was correct about Billie Eilish and Metallica, it’s safe to assume it will be right again.

The Colombian musician, known for her hits “QLONA” and “AMARGURA”, to name a few, will be the main star of Fortnite Festival Season 5. Like other seasons, we expect the Festival Pass to include a Karol G skin, as well as some of her tracks as permanent unlocks.

Of course, it’s worth taking the leaked roadmap with a pinch of salt. But, considering how correct it has been so far, we’d be surprised if it’s wrong here. However, Epic Games’ deals with different musicians and bands may change as time goes on, so for now, take it as speculation.

That’s everything you need to know about the Fortnite Festival Season 5 release date, so you’re ready for when the party continues!

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