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How to change attachment skins in Rainbow Six Siege

Attachment skins are some of the newest cosmetics in the game.

R6 attachment skin

Attachment skins are cosmetics for the weapons' scope, barrel, grip, and magazine. However, attachment skins in Rainbow Six Siege didn't initially include the gun's magazine — that change was included with the release of Operation High Calibre.

The concept of attachment skins was introduced with Operation Steel Wave, which dates back to June 2020.

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How to change attachment skins in Rainbow Six Siege

Attachment skins can be easily equipped to a gun by going to the operator list, choosing an operator, and clicking on Loadout. Once you are there, you will see an option named Attachment Skins. You will be able to change the attachment skin to a certain gun there.

If you have never unlocked an attachment skin, don't worry: every player in the game has three default attachment skins, which are black, brown, and gray.

Also, you can chance attachment skins in the middle of a game! While you are choosing an operator to use, head to its loadout. You will be able to change it there.

Keep in mind that attachment skins aren't necessarily universal. The ones on the store are, but sometimes Battle Pass attachment skins aren't.

Black Attachment Skin

Brown Attachment Skin

Gray Attachment Skin

How can I get attachment skins in Rainbow Six Siege?

It's not difficult to get new attachment skins in Rainbow Six Siege. The quickest way to get them is by going to the universal attachment skins part of the store, which can easily be found in the operators' attachment skin section mentioned before. 

Universal attachment skins can be purchased for 20,000 Renown or 480 R6 Credits, with the Arctic universal attachment skin being the only exception — it costs 25,000 Renown or 600 R6 Credits.

The Premium Battle Pass is another tool to obtain attachment skins in Rainbow Six Siege. In Operation's Demon Veil Battle Pass, players can obtain up to two attachment skins — one for the P10 Roni, one for Twitch's F2, and a universal attachment skin. 

Mizuchi - Tier 8

Lifeblood Flower - Tier 53

Red Wolf - Tier 98

Overall, obtaining attachment skins isn't a difficult task in Rainbow Six Siege. You just have to play your cards well.