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Attachment skins also apply themselves to weapon magazines in High Calibre

A really great quality of life change happened in High Calibre.

Attachment skins also apply themselves to weapon magazines in High Calibre

Image via Ubisoft

Every new season of Rainbow Six Siege brings a couple of changes that aren’t explicitly noted in the patch notes. This isn’t done maliciously, as most are just quality of life changes, and some are bugs that are quickly quashed. 

All fans of Rainbow Six can gather around and celebrate the most recent change to weapon skins: Attachment skins now cover the magazine of the weapon as well, giving a greater sense of ownership to weapon customization. 

Previously, the attachment skins only covered the scope and grip of the weapon, and left the magazine — arguably the largest part of the attachments — uncovered. The now-covered skins look significantly better than the older version of the attachment skins, which didn’t cover the magazine. 

Ultimately, the change gives players a new way to express themselves. If you miss gritty, realistic attachment skins, you’re free to not equip one at all and run default/camo skins. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of options ranging from deeply realistic to deeply fantastical, like unicorn skins or base DDPAT camo. 

Player expression is one of the best aspects of Siege. There’s many ways to express yourself in the game with styles of play, the meta is more open than it ever has been. It’s only natural that this expression extends itself to the weapons of the game as well.