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What are the best Elite Skins in Rainbow Six Siege?

Elite Skins in Rainbow Six Siege are some of the most prestigious skins in the game.

Rainbow Six Siege is a game full of cosmetics, so deciding what's the best one might be an impossible task. There's no accounting for taste, that's for sure.

However, a good way to close the circle is by looking at the Elite Bundles in Rainbow Six Siege. Elite Skins are some of the most prestigious skins in the game, as these bundles include many things such as more detailed gadget designs, unique uniforms, and unique weapon skins.

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What are the best Elite Skins in Rainbow Six Siege?

With over 40 Elite Bundles, it is difficult to say. We have put together — with no special order — our six favorite Elite Bundles, taking the operator's victory celebration, the gun skins included, and the uniform itself into account. 

Hibana - Onkochishin

Hibana's Elite Bundle is a classic in Rainbow Six Siege. Inspired by the times when she practiced Kyūdō, Hibana's Onkochisin bundle is common in the game. Her victory celebration is astonishing and her uniform is very detailed. It is also inspired by her lore, which gives it a plus. 

Montagne - MTG MK.II

We mentioned it before, but Montagne's Elite Bundle MTG MK.II must be included in this list. Unlike Hibana's Onkochishin bundle, Montagne's elite version isn't at all inspired by his background. His futuristic, robotic looks have no explanation behind them. He just looks incredibly cool, and that's it. But sometimes that's enough when it's done right. 

 Melusi - UMVIKELI

Inspired by her childhood in Louwsburg, Melusi's Elite Bundle is full of small details that tell her story. She is also given a weapon skin for one of the best defender guns in the game, the MP5. If you are a fan of the operator, you must get this one.

Smoke - Sanguine Arsenic

Just like Melusi's and Hibana's, Smoke's Elite Bundle is inspired by a moment in his childhood. The small symbol on his jacket is the special component his smoke canisters have. The weapons included in the bundle are also very cool, not to talk about his victory celebration, which is very dynamic.

Doc - Trench Medic

Before using lore to create Elite Bundles, Ubisoft sought inspiration from history books. This is the case of Doc, whose Elite Bundle is inspired by the First World War. A very detailed skin, Doc looks beyond prepared to help his teammates from the Siege trenches. 

Tachanka - Slava Korolyu

Rainbow Six Siege's most beloved operator had to join the list otherwise the Siege Gods would be very upset with us. Tachanka's muscles can be perfectly seen with this bundle. He might not be the most used operator in the game, but his Elite Bundle is cool and the victory celebration is something else.

Even though these are some of our favorite Elite Skins, we encourage you to check out every operator. You might find an Elite Bundle that you like more!

How can I get Elite Skins in Rainbow Six Siege?

Elite Skins can only be obtained by purchasing them in the in-game store. You can check every operator's skin by going to the operator profile, and clicking on Appearance. 

You can also check out the full list of Elite Bundles by going clicking on Shop, scrolling down to Uniforms, and clicking on Elite

Elite Bundes cost 1,800 R6 Credits and cannot be purchased with Renown. The items included in each bundle cannot be bought separately.