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Helldivers 2 might receive a new APC vehicle soon

This is not the first time we've heard about this Stratagem

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Even though Helldivers 2 players already have a large amount of equipment to fight the intergalactic war, it appears that a new APC-type vehicle might be available soon to all players.

While playing a normal mission, a group of random players were joined by a user named Joel. This user made an impression on them when he made an APC vehicle spawn out of nowhere and proceeded to leave the game.

Before leaving, Joel said that he needed "to get back to work," which is why many believe that this is the actual game master of the game. The CEO of Arrowhead Game Studios previously revealed in an interview that there is a single dev called Joel who oversees everything happening in the war and makes crucial decisions.

If the game master is dropping this vehicle randomly for players, we believe this Stratagem will soon be available for everyone.

An early gameplay of the APC appeared online a few weeks ago, so this is not the first time we've heard about it and it has been on the game files for a while now.

With the leaks about the new mech called The Emancipator also going around, players might get several new toys to play with very soon. There is also a long list of equipment, weapons, and gadgets that leaked earlier this month, indicating that there won't be a shortage of new content anytime soon.

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