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Helldivers 2 next mech, the Emancipator, has leaked

Get ready to drive this new toy.

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Although rumors started circulating before the official reveal, the addition of mechs was a welcome surprise for Helldivers 2 players. The first of these, the EXO-45 Patriot Exosuit, was unlocked after Super Earth soldiers liberated the planet where the mech was produced.

Now, a new mech called The Emancipator has leaked after what appears to be a short clip of the reveal trailer started appearing online. The video doesn't have sound, but it clearly shows us the new exosuit in action.

Since a trailer for it is ready, its arrival could be imminent. A safe bet would be to think that this new toy will be available after the next update drops.

Even though updates for this game don't have a fixed schedule, Arrowhead has been releasing them every week. Each patch has added a major new element to the game, with some of them being secret at first.

Last week's major addition was a new type of flying Terminid called Shrieker, whose existence was first denied by Arrowhead's CEO on social media but later confirmed to be real by players encountering them during missions. Before that, planetary hazards like fire tornadoes or meteor showers were introduced as random events that could be activated on any mission.

The Emancipator is not the only new addition that has leaked and hasn't come out, as a handful of new weapons and equipment was revealed not long ago by a user who had access to the internal servers for developers.

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