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Does XDefiant have an anti-cheat?

Keep reading if you are concerned about cheaters

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XDefiant is the new competitive shooter from Ubisoft and because of its nature, players might ask if it has any anti-cheat system. After all, the game's integrity is an important part of keeping the community satisfied and comfortable.

If you want to know about what the game is doing to combat cheaters before jumping in, here is all the information you need to know.

Does XDefiant have an anti-cheat?

Fortunately, XDefiant does have an anti-cheat system in place to prevent users from using any external tools or software to get an advantage. According to the FAQ section of the game's subreddit, the shooter uses BattlEye anti-cheat.

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Credit: Ubisoft

This is a very popular anti-cheat software used by many well-known multiplayer titles like Fortnite, Rainbow Six Siege, Destiny 2, and more Ubisoft games.

In case you don't have it installed yet on your PC, the game will ask you to download it while going through the installation process since it's a requirement.

What is BattlEye anti-cheat?

BattlEye anti-cheat is a proprietary software first used for Battlefield Vietnam in 2004 and has been constantly updated since then. The program will automatically launch whenever you start a Ubisoft game, including the free-to-play shooter.

If the anti-cheat detects an anomaly on a system, the player's account on it will be sanctioned automatically. Additionally, users will receive an error message explaining why the software took action.

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