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Destiny 2 The Whisper and Zero Hour exotic missions are returning with Into the Light

Two iconic missions are back

Destiny 2 fans will be excited to hear that both The Whisper and Zero Hour exotic missions will be part of the content returning with the Into the Light update starting on April 9.

Bungie previously teased that some exotic missions will be making a comeback with Into the Light, an update that the developers have repeatedly stated will serve for newcomers to understand the story and legacy of Destiny and for veterans to reminisce on the 10-year journey. 

On the final Into the Light developer stream, Bungie unveiled that both The Whisper and Zero Hour will be returning, alongside their associated weapons: the Whisper of the Worm exotic sniper rifle and Outbreak Perfected exotic pulse rifle.

Both missions will feature a Normal and Legend difficulty with updated chest locations. Normal will feature a 40-minute time limit, while Legend will only have a 20-minute timer. Furthermore, both Whisper of the Worm and Outbreak perfected will be craftable. 

Both missions have been inaccessible since 2020, with the exotic weapons associated with them obtainable via the Monuments of the Lost kiosk. When Into the Light drops on April 9, The Whisper mission will be available right away, while Zero Hour will be added in May.

The Whisper mission is remembered fondly by the community as it was an uncovered secret by the community in 2018. There was no official announcement by Bungie, meaning players organically found out about one of the greatest pieces of content Destiny 2 has ever offered. Adding to that, Whisper of the Worm was considered one of the most powerful exotics in the game for a long time.

A year later during Season of the Drifter, Zero Hour debuted to similar success. While it didn't have the same impact as The Whisper, it still remembered fondly by the community.

Into the Light is just one week away, with Bungie revealing plenty of content from the update, including a new social space called the Hall of Champions, all BRAVE arsenal weapons, and Onslaught, a three-player activity free for all Guardians to enjoy. 


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