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Destiny 2 Specimen ID NES003: How to complete

It's time to wait, Guardian

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The grind doesn't stop for Destiny 2 players even after completing The Final Shape campaign. Many Guardians are wondering how to complete the Specimen ID: NES003 quest, handed by the Failsafe AI upon completing more steps in the seasonal quest that kicked off with Episode 1: Echoes.

If you haven't been keeping up with the seasonal content, the Specimen ID quests are handed to you by Failsafe, the AI stationed at the Nessus crash site, which has now moved to the H.E.L.M.

Completing them will net you some XP, but more importantly, you'll be able to claim a seasonal challenge for each. With the June 25 weekly reset, players were expecting a brand-new one, the Specimen ID: NES003 quest. Sadly, we have some bad news for those diligent Guardians who are up to date with the seasonal story.

Specimen ID NES003 Destiny 2 quest: Is it bugged?

Upon progression of the seasonal story, players immediately noticed there was no Specimen ID quest for this week. What's confusing about the situation is that the seasonal challenges tab does have one for completing the Specimen ID: NES003 quest, available on week 3 of Episode 1, Echoes, which started on June 25.

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Players are speculating that the quest could be bugged, but it's more likely that the Specimen ID: NES003 quest is set to launch alongside Act 2 of Episode 1.

According to the in-game schedule, Act 1 is set to finish on July 15, with Act 2 of Echoes starting on July 16, meaning players will have to wait up to three weeks to complete the seasonal challenge associated with the Specimen ID: NES003 quest.

In the meantime, if you're not caught up with the story, we recommend you check how to find the Planetary Assimilation Piston and where to find the Well of Echoes to start the Enigma Protocol mission.

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