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Destiny 2 7.3.6 update: Release date speculation, balance changes, and more

More changes are coming before The Final Shape

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Bungie has revealed some of the changes players can expect when the upcoming patch 7.3.6 drops, including balancing to PvP utility of certain weapons and archetypes.

While patch 7.3.5 was a massive one, expect the follow-up to be more scaled back, even if it could potentially be released alongside Into the Light, at least in terms of weapon balancing.

Here's all the information we know thus far about Destiny 2 update 7.3.6. We'll be updating the article as Bungie continues to share more details in the near future.

Destiny update 7.3.6 full patch notes

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These are the full available patch notes for update 7.3.6 as of March 26:

Weapon changes (PVP)

Auto Rifles

  • Precisions: Decreased base damage by 5%

Hand Cannons

  • Adaptives: Increased body shot damage by 1% and increased crit damage by 4%

Pulse Rifles

  • Rapid-Fires: Increased body shot damage by 3.5% and increased crit damage by 1%
  • Lightweights: Increased body shot damage by 6% and increased crit damage by 3%
  • Adaptives: Increased body shot damage by 5% and increased crit damage by 2%

Scout Rifles

  • Rapid-Fires: Increased base damage by 2%

Exotic weapons


  • Increased critical hit damage against players in Crucible by 11% to allow it to kill in 3 crits

The Last Word

  • Increased base damage by 6% to allow it to kill in 3 crits

General changes

  • Reduced flinch taken by all Primary weapons by 15%

Destiny update 7.3.6 release date

Sadly, we don't have information about when's the update going to drop in Destiny 2. It's highly expected it drops alongside Into the Light on April 2, but that's yet to be confirmed.

That's all we know so far, but expect plenty of more stuff to be revealed in the forthcoming days.

Bungie is still struggling to balance the Crucible, which encompasses all of the PvP offerings within the game, so we doubt these changes are the only ones we'll see with this update.

And that's about it. There's still plenty of content to enjoy while you wait for Into the Light to drop, we suggest you check out news about the upcoming social space coming with the update, as well as everything we know about Onslaught, the free three-player activity that will debut with the update.

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