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Ash is meta again with Operation Brutal Swarm

This is not a drill, Ash is back to the meta with Operation Brutal Swarm.

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Ash has always been one of the most recognizable operators in Rainbow Six Siege. Alongside Jäger, she is possibly the most popular operator in the game.

She was really strong, but Ubisoft nerfed her heavily by removing her stun grenades and tweaking her R4C. With other operations like Zofia or Finka, who can bring an LMG, or Iana, who has fragmentation grenades, Ash's long days of domination came to an end.

But she is back. Rainbow Six Siege's newest recoil model and the addition of the Angled Grip to her loadout have given Ash's R4C a second life.

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Is Ash a good Siege operator?

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Ash is an entry fragger with a pretty strong loadout. However, after many tweaks, Ash's place in the game isn't what it used to be.

Now, with the recoil changes, this seems to be changing. Professional players are already teasing her return to the competitive meta, despite having less utility than other attackers such as Zofia.

Ash's two breaching rounds are very important as she can get rid of bulletproof utility. Despite the importance of her gadget, Iana and Finka's fragmentation grenades and GONNE-6 were a better combination -- but with the upcoming changes to Rainbow Six Siege, that's about to change.

Is Ash going to be useful again?

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Ash has always been useful. She is a great entry fragger, can destroy bulletproof gadgets, and is a three-speed, one-health operator. She is fast, and she has a decent loadout.

With the improvement of her R4C and with the nerfs of Iana and Finka, Ash is back. It's not going to be just about her, with Iana and Finka still being good options, but Ash's R4C is a fan and professional favorite gun.

Utility-wise, she is good. Her Claymores can cut rotations and do the roamers' job a bit trickier. We expect players to start using her more often, and yes -- she will also be back in Ranked.

Ash never left. But with Operation Brutal Swarm, everything suggests that she is back to the top.

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