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Are seasonal skins good in Rainbow Six Siege?

Seasonal skins are important in Rainbow Six Siege.

Skins in Rainbow Six Siege are a huge part of the game. When thinking of cosmetics in Rainbow Six Siege, the majority of players will think of the Black Ice, and some others will think of the R6 Share cosmetics.

While all of these are cool, they have a problem: they aren't universal. You can only use them for one gun. 

Seasonal skins are different, and here's why!

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What are seasonal skins?

In Rainbow Six Siege, seasonal skins are cosmetics launched in the game with the release of a new season. Seasonal skins are universal, which means that these can be equipped with any weapon in the game.

Are Siege seasonal skins good?

Historically, Rainbow Six Siege's seasonal skins have been excellent. Some players even look back in time, wishing they could acquire the cosmetics released in past seasons.

However, are the current seasonal skins good? Despite the cosmetics' fame in the past, the most recent skins are far from being so successful. Nostalgia always changes how players see past seasons, and cosmetics aren't an exception.  

What seasonal skins can I buy now in Siege?

With the launch of Operation Commanding Force, these are the seasonal skins that you can get nowadays in Rainbow Six Siege:

Bright Foliage

The Bright Foliage is part of the Operation Commanding Force Premium Battle Pass. 

Viperish Seasonal

The Viperish Seasonal is the second seasonal skin of the Operation Commanding Force Premium Battle Pass.

Lush Foliage Bundle

The Lush Foliage Bundle is the Universal Bundle for Operation Commanding Force. It includes multiple universal items, including the Tropical Underbrush seasonal skin.

What are the best seasonal skins in Siege?

The best seasonal skins in Rainbow Six Siege are the ones that were released with Operation Blood Orchid. Due to the cosmetics' popularity, Ubisoft re-releases them every February to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

The Operation Blood Orchid skins are the following:

Red Silk


White Dragon

Sadly, you will have to wait until 2024 to get your hands on these cosmetics!

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