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Rainbow Six Extraction surpasses 3 million players in first week

Over 3 million players have battled against Archaeans this week.

Rainbow Six Extraction was a huge unknown. Would it be a success, or would the game flop?

Well, Rainbow Six Extraction has now confirmed that the game surpassed the 3 million barrier. Regardless of your thoughts about Ubisoft’s brand-new game, the truth is that players seem to enjoy it a lot. 

With this tweet, Rainbow Six Extraction has also announced that from today players will be able to use the Buddy Pass

What is the Buddy Pass?

The Buddy Pass is an Extraction feature that offers players who have purchased the game the chance to give two friends 14-days access to the full game. With that, Extraction’s idea is to get as many players as possible to this new adventure. 

This is all we know about the Buddy Pass.

What is Rainbow Six Extraction?

Rainbow Six Extraction is a new experience where Rainbow Six Siege operators must face a new threat: Archaeans, an enemy that comes from outer space. 

In Rainbow Six Extraction, players will have to complete missions before extracting successfully. It is the player’s duty to save the world. So, we moved from terrorists and bombs to aliens and nests. Solid change.

Players will be able to compete in teams of two or three, or play solo. The experience changes drastically if you play alone, so our advice is that you queue with two more players. It is very important to bring the right operators to the right missions, as you might lose them if the mission goes wrong. 

Where can I play Rainbow Six Extraction?

Rainbow Six Extraction can be played on PC, XBOX Series X/S and One, PlayStation 5 and 4, and Google Stadia. The game also has cross-play. 

You can check our guide for more information on Rainbow Six Extraction cross-play and consoles.

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