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All maps, regions, and zones in Rainbow Six Extraction

Here are all the locations in Extraction and what to expect.

Rainbow Six Extraction is more than just fighting aliens. It's an immersive, spooky experience that's made complete with eery sounds, a dark aesthetic, and dynamic, mysterious maps. 

Siege.GG recently spoke with Rainbow Six Extraction developers about the importance of the immersive maps, from their appearance to their impressive size. We also learned a bit more about Rainbow Six Extraction's gameplay, which takes place throughout these one-of-a-kind locations. Here is everything we know about Extraction's maps so far!

What is Rainbow Six Extraction gameplay like? 

Unlike previous Rainbow Six titles, Extraction features missions that take place on just a portion of each map. Once a mission is complete in that section of the map, players can unlock a second area for the next part of the mission.

Each map has three zones the size of a Rainbow Six Siege map. And each zone has three sub-zones, each essentially a level in that particular mission. Each sub-zone features one objective.

The gameplay becomes tougher as you move through the mission, with each zone featuring more variables and Archaeans to fight off

Every map in Rainbow Six Extraction (so far)

There are currently four major regions in Rainbow Six Extraction. Each one has three zones (and each one of those zones features three sub-zones). Each map depicts a different city in the United States that carries great significance to the storyline. 

Here are the four maps in Rainbow Six Extraction. 

Rainbow Six Extraction — New York City

Monolith Gardens

A residential area that's become overgrown and abandoned. 

Liberty Island

The Statue of Liberty's home has become overrun with Archaeans. 

Police Station

You can barely recognize what this building used to be thanks to a bad infestation. 

Rainbow Six Extraction — San Francisco


Over on the West Coast, neighborhoods have also been infected, causing residents to flee.

Enterprise Space Foundation

This once-advanced company has had its headquarters overrun with Archaeans. 

Apollo Casino and Resort

Once seen as a safe haven from alien invaders, civilians are now desperate to get away from the Sprawl taking over the building. 

Rainbow Six Extraction — Alaska

Eurydice Valley

The infestation hit this area quite early on, meaning the community was not ready. 

Orpheus Research Center

Very important research on the Archaeans took place here.


Once a quiet farm, aliens saw this as a safe place to easily infest without getting disrupted.

Rainbow Six Extraction — Truth or Consequences

Truth or Consequences, New Mexico is where everything initially went down. This is where the infestation was first recorded, causing Rainbow to send out operators to contain the problem. Unfortunately, the alien invasion spread further. Fortunately, there are many operators suited specifically for this challenge

Sierra County Hospital

A hospital close to ground zero that recorded the first symptoms of an alien virus. 


This area of the city has been completely destroyed by Archaeans. 


The alien infection has spread in this region, causing massive issues. 

Do you have to repeat Rainbow Six Extraction maps over again? 

You will have to visit the same sub-zones multiple times in Rainbow Six Extraction, whether you're saving a fallen operator or taking on a new mission. But every visit will be unique thanks to varying elements every time you visit the same spot. This includes Sprawl behaving differently or new Archaeans showing up.

Despite the changing elements within each map, you can be better prepared by learning more about each map, helping you adapt to new challenges. 

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