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Six Sweden Major 2021: Everything we know so far!

This November, Siege's next Major will take place as Stage 3 comes to a close. Here's everything revealed so far about the tournament.

Six Sweden Major 2021: Everything we know so far!

Update (15 Oct):

Following their quarterfinal wins at the Copa Elite Six, FaZe Clan and NiP have confirmed their attendance at the Sweden Major.

In order to qualify, NiP demolished Team Liquid 2-0 (7-3, 7-2) in a stunning turnaround of their abject Stage 3 form so far, while FaZe Clan shrugged off a spirited challenge from the Argentinians on Malvinas Gaming, also winning 2-0 (7-3, 7-5).


The Six Sweden Major, the third global Rainbow Six event since the Six Invitational 2020 will get underway next month, from 8-14 Nov., and will cap off Stage 3 and the 2021 calendar year.

Here, the reigning Six Major champions Team oNe will be hoping to retain their title, as 16 teams all meet up to compete in a week-long event.

As we near the tournament and more information surrounding it is revealed, here's a comprehensive roundup of everything announced so far about the Six Sweden Major!

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Who will be playing at the Sweden Major?

The 16 teams attending the Six Major will consist of the top four teams in each of the Pro Circuit regions:

  • Top four from the ongoing North American League
  • Top four from the ongoing European League
  • Top four from the Copa Elite Six (LATAM) held from 12-17 Oct.
  • The two winners of the APAC North and APAC South Leagues, as well as the top two from the APAC Playoffs taking place from 18-20 Oct.

Eight teams have locked in their place at the Sweden Major so far, with more to qualify in the coming days:

North America:
  •  Spacestation Gaming -- Skys, Rampy, Bosco, Fultz, Hotancold, Lycan (Head Coach), sov (Assistant Coach), and Luke (Analyst)

The remaining three teams can still be any of the eight other NAL rosters excluding XSET and Astralis.

  • Team BDS -- Shaiiko, Renshiro, RaFaLe, Elemzje, BriD, BiOs (coach) and eaglemees (Analyst)

The remaining three teams will be between Empire, Rogue, Vitality, Cowana, and V.p.

Latin America:
  •  Furia -- Fntzy, Miracle, LENDA, R4re, h1ghs, Twister (Coach) and Kizi (Asst. Coach)
  • Team oNe-- Alem4o, Levy, KDS, Neskin, Lagonis, TChubZ (Coach) and RafadeLL (Analyst)
  •  FaZe Clan -- Astro, cameram4n, Bullet1, soulz1, Cyber, Ramalho(Coach) and Dark (Analyst)
  • Ninjas in Pyjamas -- Muzi, Pino, JULIO, Psycho, Kamikaze, Mity (Coach)
Asia Pacific:
  • mantisFPS -- EnvyTaylor, Nova, Harp3rXD, SyAIL, Static, OCN (Coach), RechoTZ (Coach)
  • Invictus Gaming -- Lunarmetal, HysteRiX, SpeakEasy, Jrdn, Jo, GiG (Coach)

The final two APAC teams will be the winner of the game between the Chiefs and Elevate along with one out of the following teams; Dire Wolves, CYCLOPS, GUTS, DWG, and the loser of the Chiefs vs Elevate matchup. 

Should an Australian team qualify for the event, it is still fairly unlikely that it will be able to attend due to Australia's COVID-related travel restrictions. The restrictions have already stopped Wildcard Gaming from attending the Six Invitational 2021 and the Knights from attending the Mexico Major.

Should this be the case, any Australian teams will be awarded the $5,000 and 50 SI Points -- the equivalent to a bottom-four exit.

Where will the Sweden Major be held?


The upcoming Major will take place in the small city of Gävle in Sweden, and will include no crowd at the event.

This event was initially planned to be in the Asia-Pacific region, with leaks suggesting another Japanese event, but was moved to Sweden due to stricter Asian travel restrictions.


The event will take place from 8-14 Nov., with the same format and schedule as August's Six Mexico Major:

  • Group Stage: Monday to Wednesday
  • Playoffs: Friday and Saturday
  • Grand-Final: Sunday

Here, the 16 teams will be split into four groups of four, and will compete in a double round-robin, best-of-one (BO1) format.

Following this, the top two teams in each group will progress onto a BO3-map single-elimination bracket, followed by a BO5-map grand-final.

What's at stake at the Sweden Major?

The net prize pool for this Major will be in line with the prior Mexico and Raleigh events at $500,000. As well as this, Six Invitational (SI) Points will be on offer to all 16 teams.

Below are the confirmed SI Point and prize money allocations:

  • 1st place -- $200,000 & 375 SI Points
  • 2nd place -- $80,000 & 300 SI Points 
  • 3-4th place -- $40,000 & 230 SI Points
  • 5-8th place -- $20,000 & 165 SI Points
  • 9-12th place -- $10,000 & 105 SI Points
  • 13-16th place -- $5,000 & 50 SI Points

Be sure to keep an eye out for further coverage of the event from SiegeGG and to check this article regularly for any updates as they come.