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Year 6 Rookie of the Year: Fntzy

The Brazilian star was the best young player in Year 6, and surely has a bright future ahead of him!

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It’s a rare scenario: to have a rookie that your team lives and dies by. How Diogo “Player 2520” Lima went, so went FURIA.

Despite not forcing themselves into deep tournament runs, FURIA punched well above their young squad’s weight in three straight international tournaments — statistically led by Fntzy, the rookie entry sensation who seemed to always be a danger to win a round single-handedly.

As far as stats, Fntzy has a 1.12 SiegeGG Rating over the course of this year — not a bad start for the rookie at all. As far as in the server, he was so crucial to FURIA’s success that he pulled target bans at SI, and was a thorn in the side of several high-profile teams.

Fntzy’s rookie season has set him up as one of Rainbow Six Siege’s future superstars. He’s not entirely there yet, but the commendable load and stellar stats he notched for FURIA get him our Rookie of the Year award.

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