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Y7S4 Rainbow Six Siege Pre-Season Designer's Notes: Alibi loses 1.5x scope, operator speed changes & weapon tweaks

Here are the Pre-Season Designer's Notes for Operation Solar Raid.

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Rainbow Six Siege has today released the Pre-Season Designer's Notes for the release of Operation Solar Raid, which is scheduled to be launched on Dec. 6. Players can already try out the upcoming season and its changes on the Test Server, which launched yesterday.

For more information on the Operation Solar Raid Pre-Season Designer's Notes, check out Ubisoft's official article.

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Presence and Operator Bans

Attackers' Presence

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After the changes that LMG operators such as Zofia and Finka suffered, their presence is more balanced than before. While Iana and Sledge are still on top of the chart and Sens is at the bottom, the operator speed changes on the Test Server could normalize their figures.

Defenders' Presence

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Alibi and Jäger remain the most used defenders, with Alibi having a presence of almost 70 percent. Apart from those two and operators like Tachanka and Clash, the defender list is quite balanced presence-wise.

Operator Ban Rate

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Thatcher and Jackal remain the most banned operators on the attack, closely followed by Nokk in third place.

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Meanwhile, on defense, Mira, Valkyrie, and Kaid remain the most banned operators. Kapkan, Clash, Alibi, and Melusi follow them closely.

ADS movement is equal regardless of the speed

Starting with Operation Solar Raid, "all operators will move at 2.34 m/s while – current movement speed of a 3 armor operator – while aiming down sights (2 speed from 2.6 m/s and 3 speed from 2.73 m/s)."

Operator Changes


Ubisoft has decided to make changes to Alibi, who's in a very decent spot in the current meta. The first change to Alibi will affect her MX4 Storm, as she is losing the 1.5x scope. Also, her Prismas will stop being detected as operators when being outside the building.

Speed changes

Rainbow Six Siege is making changes to the speed and health of some of the operators, including:


  • Sledge: From two-speed to one-speed
  • Thatcher: From two-speed to one-speed
  • Zofia: From two-speed to one-speed
  • Zero: From two-speed to three-speed


  • Mute: From two-speed to one-speed
  • Echo: From one-speed to two-speed
  • Ela: From three-speed to two-speed
  • Melusi: From three-speed to one-speed
  • Aruni: From two-speed to one-speed
  • Thunderbird: From three-speed to two-speed

Weapon changes

On top of that, Rainbow Six Siege is tweaking some guns, including:


Fuze and Ace's AK-12 damage is being reduced from 45 to 40.


Jackal's C7E magazine is being increased from 25 to 30 bullets.


Smoke and Nokk's FMG-9 vertical and horizontal recoils are slightly changing. This change will only affect the PC version of the game.


Finka and Fuze's LMG first bullet kick intensity will be increased, while also increasing the vertical recoil. It will only affect the Console version of the game.


Zofia's LMG first bullet kick intensity is being increased. Meanwhile, the vertical recoil is also increasing. Just as with the previous change, this will only affect the Console version.

No more Friendly Fire during the Preparation Phase

As announced during the Operation Solar Raid full reveal, Ubisoft has been working intensively with the Reputation System. Ubisoft is against toxicity, and a measure to fight it back is disabling Friendly Fire during the Preparation Phase.

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