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Y7S3 mid-season roadmap update: Ranked 2.0 to be released next season, permanent arcade modes delayed to Year 8

Here's a brief update on this year's roadmap update.

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Earlier today, Rainbow Six Siege released a brief update on this year's roadmap. It included some basic information on what players should expect heading into the next season, which will be announced during the Jönköping Major from Nov. 21 to 27.

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Rainbow Six Siege Y7S3 Roadmap Update

Rainbow Six Siege's Y723 Roadmap Update included some good and bad news.

On the one hand, highly-anticipated features like Ranked 2.0 and the reputation score display have been confirmed to be introduced to the game next season. On the other hand, there have been delays to the controller input presets, the early voice chat penalties, and the introduction of permanent arcade modes.

Ranked 2.0

For the last few months, Ubisoft has been working on a new Ranked system for Rainbow Six Siege. Finally, Ranked 2.0 has been confirmed, as it will be ready for the next season. According to Ubisoft's official report, "this will change the way your ranks are attributed as well as updating several other parameters."

Ubisoft will release more information about Ranked 2.0 during the Y7S4 reveal panel.

Permanent Arcade Modes

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Sadly, Ubisoft announced today that permanent arcade modes won't be introduced to Rainbow Six Siege on Y7S4. As of now, the team expects to have them ready by Y8S1.

Fans are looking forward to permanent arcade modes, as time-limited game modes are loved by a big part of the community. Doktor's Curse was the last one to drop in Rainbow Six Siege. You can check out our article for more information on time-limited game modes in Rainbow Six Siege.

Early Voice Chat Penalties

Ubisoft wants players to not be subject to constant verbal abuse. To achieve that, Ubisoft asks players for more time to learn from the Reputation Penalties that have recently been deployed, which forced Ubisoft to move Early Voice Chat Penalties to Y8S1.

Controller Input Presets

Ubisoft is working on a system to allow console players to customize aiming. Controller Input Presets have been moved to Y8S1 as part of this progress.

Reputation Score Display

The Reputation Score Display has been confirmed for Y7S4. Players will be able to access their Reputation Standing, but "won't receive any positive or negative effects based on that Standing."

When will the next Rainbow Six Siege operation be launched?

It's very difficult to give an exact date now. However, in Rainbow Six Siege, operations are usually announced during the celebration of the Six Major. This stage's Six Major will take place in Jönköping, Sweden, from Nov. 21 to 27. We expect the new operation to be announced then, with the Test Server being opened the following week.

It normally takes Ubisoft two weeks to implement the operation on the Live Server, so you could expect the next operation to drop around the second or the third week of December.

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