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How to fix XDefiant Bravo-04 error

Here's how to fix the XDefiant Bravo-04 error

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There's nothing more frustrating than encountering an error code preventing players from loading into the action. Thankfully, this guide on how to fix the XDefiant Bravo-04 error provides all there is to know on how to work around it.

Ubisoft's shooter is finally out in the open and with players getting to grips with the gun list and all of the game modes on offer, some are impacted by this frustrating error code stopping them playing altogether.

Find out how to fix the XDefiant Bravo-04 error code in this guide packed with information on what causes the problem and some useful solutions.

XDefiant Bravo-04 error cause

Considering XDefiant is a multiplayer shooter, the Bravo-04 error stems from issues with the game's servers meaning there are only a handful of things players can do to resolve the issue. However, running through these solutions rules out any problems on the player's end.

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XDefiant Bravo-04 error solution

The first step to resolve the Bravo-04 error in XDefiant is by restarting the game. If the error still appears after a restart, the next step is to restart the router. Switching it off for a few minutes and then turning it back on will clear its cache enabling players to return to action.

As a last resort, try using a different internet connection to see if the original connection is the cause of the issue. If none of these work, waiting for Ubisoft to apply server-side fixes is the only option. Keep an eye on the developer's social media for the latest details on when fixes roll out.

That's all there is to know about fixing the XDefiant Bravo-04 error. For more, take a look at the best ACR loadout along with the latest information on what Season 1 has to offer.

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