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Will Rainbow Six Mobile have crossplay?

Probably not!

Rainbow Six Mobile is finally coming after years of speculation from the FPS community. While Ubisoft has started sharing some information about the maps and operators, there are many aspects of the gameplay that are still a mystery. 

One question the community has is: Can Rainbow Six Mobile players compete with players on PC? 

How can you connect Rainbow Six Mobile to Rainbow Six Siege?

Ubisoft has not yet confirmed if Rainbow Six Mobile will have crossplay but this is more than likely not happening. 

In a FAQ about the closed alpha, developers stated: "You will need an Android device to participate in the Closed Alpha, as Rainbow Six Mobile will be a free-to-play game designed specifically for mobile. That also means, there will be no cross-platform feature to allow crossplay with Console or PC." 

This is most likely going to be true for Rainbow Six Mobile itself when it officially launches. 

In a developer post, Ubisoft explained that Rainbow Six Mobile isn't meant to "replace" Rainbow Six Siege. While it has many similar elements, Rainbow Six Mobile is almost being marketed as a break from Rainbow Six Siege. 

"While the core gameplay, characters, and maps may share similarities with Siege, we’ve rebuilt everything from the ground up with mobile usability in mind. We have put a lot of work under the hood to adapt the Siege experience for mobile devices. This includes an entirely new gameplay control system developed specifically for mobile and extensive optimization of the UI and in-game visual presentation," developers said

Essentially, Rainbow Six Mobile will probably not have crossplay with Rainbow Six Siege because it's not the same game. 

While the same operators are in Rainbow Six Mobile, the operators have some differences in their design and kit. Basically, the operators will play a bit differently. The maps are also not exactly the same. This means that the gameplay is not the same and the games will most likely not be linked since they're not on the same servers.