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Where is the Rainbow Six August Major going to take place?

Teams are heading to America on May, and to APAC on November. But what about August?

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Stage 1 of Rainbow Six Siege's 2022 competitive year is on its final days, as we already know a handful of teams that will compete in the Charlotte Major.

For those unaware, a Rainbow Six Major is the second-best possible international competition in Rainbow Six Siege, just behind the Six Invitational. Majors take place every three months, while the Six Invitational is played every February.

With this in mind, the first Major of the year is scheduled to take place in May and will be played in Charlotte, NC. Stage 2 Major will be played in August, while the final stage's Major will be played in November as teams will head to APAC.

Where is the Rainbow Six August Major going to take place?

Ubisoft hasn't announced a specific place just yet. But, how is it that we know where Stage 1 and Stage 3 are going to be played, while Stage 2 Major location is still unknown?

For an answer to this dilemma, we must go back to February when Ubisoft announced all the locations for this year's events.

After Ubisoft announced the United Arab Emirates as the location for the August Major, an incredibly big part of the community alongside multiple professional casters and players expressed their anger at Ubisoft's decision.

The number of complaints was so big that Ubisoft reversed the decision to hold the August Major in the United Arab Emirates.

It's been two months since Ubisoft's last announcement on the matter, and it's still unclear where the August Six Major will be celebrated.

Where could the Rainbow Six August Major be played?

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Although Ubisoft's announcement clearly said that the August Major would be played in the United Arab Emirates, it wasn't so clear during the Year 7 Roadmap reveal.

Ubisoft's Rainbow Six Siege Esports Director Wei Yue explained where the four big international events of the year would be located, mentioning that "the second Major in August we are heading to either Europe or the Middle East."

With Ubisoft's written announcement coming the very same day and clearly stating that the United Arab Emirates was already chosen as the August location, the complaints started to come.

However, this might gives us a hint. Considering there were just two options, Europe might be the preferred destination. Europe's last Rainbow Six Siege major international event with a crowd was four years ago and was played in Paris, France.

Nevertheless, anything could happen from now on, and it's very difficult to guess where the next Major is going to be played. We will probably have a final answer during the May Major, as international event locations are usually announced during major international tournaments.

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