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When is Year 8 Season 3 coming to Rainbow Six Siege?

A new season is around the corner.

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As we approach the end of Operation Dread Factor, the Rainbow Six Siege community is already looking forward to Year 8 Season 3.

Unlike previous years, the reveal panel for the third season of the year took place during the international competition held in August. However, with no Six Major to be disputed this month, some players are worried Ubisoft won't have its traditional reveal panel for the upcoming season.

Don't panic. For your information, Year 8 Season 3 is just around the corner — and the release date may be sooner than you think.

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Rainbow Six Siege Year 8 Season 3 Release Date

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While we don't know the exact date for Year 8 Season 3, the upcoming season of Rainbow Six Siege is very likely to be announced somewhen in August. We expect Year 8 Season 3 to be released in September.

Last year, Operation Brutal Swarm was announced on Aug. 21 and it was released in September. In 2021, the third season of the year, Operation Crystal Guard, was announced on Aug. 17 and it was released in September.

So, looking at the dates used for previous Season 3, it would be very strange if Ubisoft doesn't announce Year 8 Season 3 in August. Keep in mind that the Test Server is often open one day after the official reveal panel, so don't worry! New content is about to drop in Rainbow Six Siege!

What's coming with Year 8 Season 3?

While the initial Roadmap was announced in February at the Six Invitational 2023, Ubisoft's plans for the year have gone through some changes.

As of now, we can expect new features to hit the game with Year 8 Season 3, including a new South Korean operator, a new Battle Pass, a new Event, and multiple reworks.

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Players are looking forward to the Frost rework, which could have a big impact in the operator's gadget. Right now, Frost's traps automatically put the affected attacker into a DBNO state and must wait for a teammate to get some help. However, the upcoming change will allow attackers to withstand themselves with no extra help but with one downside: the affected attacker won't be able to run and, on top of that, will leave a blood trail that the defenders can use.

Will Year 8 Season 3 bring a new map?

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Ubisoft already announced that no new maps will be launched to Rainbow Six Siege until Year 8 Season 4. This means that Year 8 Season 3 will not bring a new map to Rainbow Six Siege.

Unfortunately, we don't expect any more reworked maps any time soon as Consulate's rework was released with Operation Dread Factor.

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