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Frost traps to receive rework in Year 8 of Siege

Frost’s traps will be reworked in a few months.

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At the Six Invitational 2023 today, Ubisoft announced more details about the upcoming year of content to be added in Year 8 of Rainbow Six Siege.

Year 8 will kick off on Mar. 7, as was announced yesterday, when Ubisoft presented Operation Commanding Force.

Now, it’s time to know more about Year 8 as a whole. While new features will be added to the game, some operators will go through changes due to balancing reasons.

Rainbow Six Siege’s Canadian defender Frost is one of them. This is what’s going to change!

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Frost Mats Rework

Frost’s traps are getting a rework!

Frost’s bear traps have always instantly injured any operator that stepped on them. The operator trapped has to wait for an ally to come and pick them up, as Finka’s boosts are of no use for players that have stepped on a Frost trap.

With the second season of Year 8, operators will be able to free themselves from the bear trap. This change means operators won’t be stuck forever in a trap while waiting for someone to rescue them.

But be careful -- if you self-revive after being Frost matted, you cannot sprint any more and will leave a blood trail, too.

Additionally, Finka boosts will presumably not revive the player and they will likely have to manually spend the time to free themselves. As such, while this gives the attacker a chance to get back into the fight, the defenders can still get an easy kill onto the trapped operator.

It’s still uncertain how many health points the operators will have after being freed from a Frost trap, but we expect the number to be 20.

Is Frost good in Rainbow Six Siege?

Frost’s current state in Rainbow Six Siege is great. Thanks to her deployable shield, she is a great addition to any lineup.

Her primary gun, the 9mm C1, has access to a 1.5x scope. It really makes it insanely strong on some sites.

Moreover, her secondary weapon is a shotgun, which comes handy in opening new angles or in making rotations. She is indeed a great operator to use in the current meta of Rainbow Six Siege!

Frost has been used a lot in the Six Invitational 2023, as her traps have been quite useful at forcing the attackers to look down when vaulting to sites. Her deployable shield and her scope are also important and have made her presence at the world championship shoot up.

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