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What operators in Siege will get an ACOG with Year 9?

The ACOG is back!

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At the Six Invitational 2024, Ubisoft announced the return of the ACOG. While the famous scope had never left the game completely, the number of operators with access to it will increase significantly with Rainbow Six Siege’s Year 9.

In case you’re wondering if Ash’s R4C AGOC will return to the game, keep on reading as you will be surprised. These changes are exciting!

Is Ash getting her ACOG back?

Yes, Ash is getting an ACOG for her R4C. Although she used to have the 2.5x scope in the past, Ubisoft decided to nerf the American operator. Now, she is getting it back.

The decision comes after Ubisoft nerfed Ash and Iana’s G36C, a gun that was better than the R4C due to the weapon having a better recoil and a wider range of scopes.

With Ash getting her famous ACOG back, we expect the entry fragger to gain a lot of popularity in Rainbow Six Siege.

It's also worth noting that Ram already had access to the ACOG on her R4C. Unfortunately, due to the attacker being a one-speed operator, not many players use her in Rainbow Six Siege.

What operators in Siege will get an ACOG with Year 9?

Here’s a list including all of the operators that will be given an ACOG with Operation Deadly Omen:

  • Frost’s 9mm C1
  • Mozzie’s P10 Roni
  • Tachanka’s 9x19VSN
  • Alibi, Maestro, and Azami’s ACS12
  • Tubarão’s AR-15.50
  • Vigil’s BOSG.12.2
  • Aruni’s Mk 14 ERB
  • Wamai’s MP5K
  • Doc, Melusi, and Rook’s MP5
  • Doc and Rook’s P90
  • Goyo and Kaid’s TCSG12
  • Castle’s UMP15
  • Thorn’s UZK50GI
  • Goto’s Vector .45 ACP

If you are a PC player, you can now try these changes by uploading Operation Deadly Omen’s Test Server?

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