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Best Warzone audio settings

Here are the best Warzone settings to hear enemy footsteps with

Warzone player running while enemy shoots at them and a helicopter carrying players in the sky

On the hunt for the best Warzone audio settings to hear the action with ease? We've got all the intel

With Season 4 Reloaded in full swing and the focus moving towards Season 5, listening to footsteps is key to locating nearby opponents in the heat of battle. Warzone features a wealth of settings players can adjust in order to provide maximum clarity when gunfire from an SMG and other noises may conceal the movements of any nearby enemies.

Find the best Warzone audio settings to use in this guide packed with everything there is to know.

Best Warzone audio settings

Some of the audio settings listed below are down to personal preference. For those who are looking for a solid baseline, these settings make it easy to hear footsteps above all the other noise that occurs during a Warzone match.


  • Audio Mix: Headphones Bass Boost
  • Speakers/Headphones Game Sound Device: Default System Device
  • Speaker Output: Stereo
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  • Master Volume: 65
    • Gameplay Music Volume: 0
    • Dialogue Volume: 50
    • Effects Volume: 100
    • Cinematic Volume: 0
    • Wartracks Volume: 0
  • Voice Chat Volume: 30


  • Microphone Mode (PC exclusive): Push to talk
    • Push to Talk: V
  • Mic Sensitivity: 70
  • Mute Yourself When Connecting to Channel: On
  • Microphone Level: 100. If too loud, try lowering it to 70
  • Microphone Test: Off

Voice chat

  • Voice Chat: On (Communication is key)
  • Game Voice Channel: All Lobby
  • Last Words Voice Chat: On
  • Proximity Chat: On
  • Voice Chat Device (PC exclusive): Default system device


  • Subtitles: All off
  • Subititle Size: Default
  • Subtitle Background Opacity: 0


  • Mono Audio: Off
  • Reduce Tinnitus Sound: On
  • War Tracks as Passenger: Off
  • Juggernaut Music: Off
  • Hit Marker Sound Effects: Classic
  • Mute Game When Minimized: On

What are the best Warzone audio settings?

The list above is the best audio settings to use in Warzone for several reasons. Kicking things off is Headphones Bass Boost which provides the clarity required to hear footsteps with ease. To avoid any distractions, Music Volume is down to zero while Dialogue Volume is set at 50 so it doesn't drown out the action.

Proximity Chat is also switched on allowing players to talk to their defeated opponents for a short time. This often leads to some of the most hilarious moments in the battle royale.

That's all there is to know about the best Warzone audio settings. For more, check out how to fix stuttering along with how to unlock the Reclaimer 18 shotgun.

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