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How to fix stuttering in Warzone

Here's how to fix any stuttering issues in Warzone

Warzone players fighting through corridor

There's nothing more frustrating than experiencing lag which is why knowing how to fix stuttering in Warzone is essential intel.

With Season 5 moving into view, it's hard to enjoy the new content or the best assault rifles when the game is stuttering during the heat of battle. Thankfully, there are some useful workarounds to keep frame rate stable and to prevent random stutters from impacting gameplay.

Here, find out how to fix Warzone stuttering and stop it from returning.

How to fix Warzone stuttering

Considering Warzone has been around for several years, there are several workarounds to prevent stuttering when using the strongest SMGs and snipers available. Keep scrolling for several proven solutions that have stopped stutters altogether.

Fullscreen exclusive mode

In some cases, Warzone defaults to the Fullscreen Borderless setting which often results in low frame rates, stuttering, and input lag. Make sure Fullscreen Exclusive is active before dropping out of the entry plane.

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Rolling back drivers

Having up-to-date NVIDIA drivers can fix plenty of issues with the battle royale but switching them back to an older version can prevent stuttering. Here's how to do it:

  • Open the Device Manager
  • Select the Display Adapters option
  • Click on the graphics card
  • Open the Drivers tab
  • Click on the Roll Back Driver button
  • Restart the PC

If the option to roll back the driver is unavailable, players will have to manually uninstall it before installing an older driver:

  • Select the Uninstall Driver option
  • Head to NVIDIA's website to the GeForce Drivers tab
  • Find the graphics card installed in the PC
  • Install an old driver from the list
  • Restart the PC

DLSS boosting

Alongside older graphics cards, using NVIDIA DLSS to run the game at a lower resolution but at higher frames reduces any stuttering. The game may not have the same visual clarity while running the software but the lack of skipping and frame drops is noticeable.

Weapon motion blur

In previous chapters of Warzone, the lack of weapon motion blur has impacted the frame rate at the start of matches on PC and consoles.

It may seem strange at first but the consistent frame rate and lack of stuttering make all the difference in the early stages of a match.

The last resort

If none of the fixes above have assisted in preventing stuttering in Warzone, a full reinstall should rectify any issues. This is a last resort as it could take several hours to reinstall the game depending on internet connection speed.

That's all there is to know about how to fix stuttering in Warzone. For more, check out the early intel on what Season 5 of the battle royale has in store.

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