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Valorant Fortune's Hand: Release date, skins, price, more

Some are less than impressed...

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Valorant's skinlines are nothing if not varied, though that does mean some don't quite hit the mark cosmetically.

That seems to be the case with Fortune's Hand (or should that be Unfortunte's Hand?), which had the bad luck to be revealed alongside the absolutely jaw-dropping Primordium bundle.

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Likely available in the days following the release of Episode 8 Act 2 (March 4), Fortune's Hand is a premium bundle featuring skins for the Odin, Phantom, Guardian, Ghost, and Melee. The bundle is rounded out with a Player Card.

The issue is: it's just a bit plain. The skins have a slightly futuristic 007 feel, with gunmetal black trimmed by a shimmering gold. If Chamber were turned into a skin, it would look like this.

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It's a look that some quickly branded "mid."

Having said that, this will likely appeal to some - especially as it will be nowhere near the same hit to your wallet as the Primordium bundle is set to be.

If you fancy it, we have gathered everything to know ahead of its release.

Release date

While no official release date has been given for the Fortune's Hand bundle, though it will likely be available within the next couple of weeks.

We can say that with some confidence as the release of Episode 8 Act 2 is set for March 4. The day following, the Primordium bundle is set to arrive.

Fortune's Hand will likely arrive with the next scheduled update, which should be with us by March 19.

Skins and price

While the Primordium bundle will be a wallet-busting 8,700 VP (approx $85), Fortune's Hand is 3,875 VP (approx $40). It includes multiple cosmetics for weapons, accessories, and more.

Featuring no variants or special effects, the complete bundle is as follows:

  • Melee (1,750 VP)
  • Ghost (875 VP)
  • Guardian (875 VP)
  • Phantom (875 VP)
  • Odin (875 VP)
  • Player Card (375 VP)

While some details remain unclear around the Fortune's Bundle, we don't suspect this one has too many surprises up its sleeve. We will, however, update this page as and when we learn more.

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