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Valorant Aemondir Bundle: Expected release date, skins, and more

Valorant's upcoming bundle includes a sword-looking knife

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While everyone's eyes are set on the VCT Masters Shanghai and patch 8.11, new leaks regarding Valorant's upcoming bundle have set social media on fire, literally.

Valorant's new cosmetics, which will be included in the Aemondir Bundle, are weapons with a knife covered with flames. This is a hot bundle, so watch out!

Aemondir Bundle - Release Date

Valorant's Aemondir Bundle's official release date hasn't been unveiled yet. However, we expect the Aeomondir Bundle to be introduced to Valorant with the launch of patch 8.11, which should come following the conclusion of the VCT Masters Shanghai.

Valorant's patch 8.11 will also include a new map called Abyss, multiple balancing changes, and even a map rotation update.

Aemondir Bundle - Price

We expect Valorant's Aeomondir Bundle to be an Exclusive Bundle, which means the price of the Aemondir Bundle should be around 8,700 VP. If the bundle was rated as an Ultra Bundle, the price would increase to 9,900 VP. Of course, players will be able to pick the items individually.

Aeomindir Bundle - Skins and variants

Unfortunately, no information has been published about the variants included in the Aeomindir Bundle.

Arguably the coolest item in the Aeomindir collection is the melee, which is a big sword covered by flames.

Aeomindir Bundle - Weapons

According to the leaks published by @ValorINTEL and the videos seen on social media, the Aeomindir Bundle will include the following weapons:

  • Vandal
  • Bulldog
  • Sheriff
  • Bucky
  • Melee

Therefore, the Phantom won't be included in this bundle. Despite the absence of this gun, Phantom fans can't complain as the weapon was included in the Mystbloom Bundle.

We will update this article as soon as more leaks and official confirmations are released regarding the upcoming Aeomindir Bundle. In the meantime, keep checking out Siege.GG for more information about Valorant!

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