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Ubisoft unveils Year 9 Roadmap: Fenrir and Solis to be tweaked, only two new operators, Siege cup, and more!

Year 9 is here!

Ubisoft have finally unveiled the company’s plans for Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Year 9. As expected, four seasons will be released throughout the year. However, we won’t have four new operators.

Here’s everything you need to know about the updates coming with Year 9!

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Fenrir and Solis to be tweaked throughout Year 9

Between Y9S2 and Y9S3, Fenrir and Solis will be tweaked. Both operators have faced a lot of criticism from the community and Ubisoft will try to find a solution for them. Additionally, Dokkaebi will get an update on her gadget.

Year 9 to only include two new operators

Heading to Year 9, Ubisoft decided to only work on two new operators. Meanwhile, their efforts will be focused on reworking operators that are already in the game. The first operator remaster will be for Recruit and the second one will be made to an American operator.

As each season will include its Battle Pass, players who own a Premium Battle Pass will be given an Operator Voucher.

Reputation System to be fully launched in Y9S2

The Reputation System will be fully launched in Y9S2. As of now, players have access to its Beta version, which already includes a wide range of options. 

It’s important to mention that the Reputation System was created to reduce the toxicity in the game. So far, the system has produced nothing but good results, as the players have been getting Alpha Packs boosts and other types of rewards.

Siege Cup is here

After its announcement four years ago, the Siege Cup will be introduced to the game in Year 9. Unfortunately, players will have to wait a bit more, as the Siege Cup will be launched to the game in Year 9 Season 3.

Updates to training modes

Ubisoft will include updates to training modes in the upcoming seasons of the game, including operation additions to the Versus AI playlist.

Moreover, we will see changes and updates introduced to the Shooting Range, a game mode that most of the Siege players use to practice with their gun attachments. This game mode will be important heading to Year 9 Season 1 as new attachments will join Team Rainbow pretty soon!

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